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5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Improve Your Instagram Captions

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Instagram is the number one media platform for brands to build relationships. In a recent survey, about 90% of users follow at least one business on Instagram, and 70% don’t mind ads while watching them on the platform. So, it’s safe to say that companies are making the most out of it. 

There are many strategies to boost brand awareness on platforms like Instagram, such as using user-generated content. However, writing compelling captions is a technique that sets your company apart from competitors in the market.

If you want to learn more about Instagram and how brands use it for their engaging online presence, this article helps you better understand what an ideal Instagram caption should look like.

What Does an Ideal Instagram Caption Look Like? 

Instagram is known for its eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing imagery. When people get hooked on the images you upload, you encourage them to interact with you through appealing and entertaining captions. 

This year, Instagram’s algorithm includes captions to reach active users. The more likes, comments, and shares your post have, the more Instagram serves them to followers and potential customers. 

An ideal Instagram caption should have a call-to-action and hashtags limited to four. Additionally, it should include the following elements: 

Engaging story

Aside from captivating images and mind-blowing videos, users stop on Instagram posts that tell an exciting story.

Your Instagram caption can be long or short, depending on how you need it to be. Some suggest aiming for 70 to 100 words when you start writing Instagram captions. However, it would be best to remember that you only have 2,200 characters max to voice your brand. 

Look at this example from Airbnb and how they engage people with the story included in their Instagram posts.


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A post shared by Airbnb (@airbnb)

Brand voice

The best Instagram posts typically have a fun and light-hearted tone. It shows more authenticity, not to mention that it would make your brand sound more human. Incorporating your brand voice on Instagram presents the personable side of your business, attracting more people. 

Look at how Microsoft shows its brand voice through this meme-worthy photo and caption. Notice how they made their software and tech nature relatable to their followers here. 


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A post shared by Microsoft (@microsoft)

Corporate entity

According to research, 88% of buyers consider authenticity a key factor when deciding which companies they want to do business with. About 77% of consumers go for brands that share the same values as them.

As such, set your brand apart from competitors by highlighting your business’s purpose. Remember that customers want brands to be honest, friendly, and helpful, so they expect the same personality in your posts. 

See how the Bank of America on Instagram found the balance between sincerity and relatability in their posts.

5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Writer Better Instagram Captions for Your Business

Virtual assistants (VAs) aid in various digital marketing tasks for businesses. When it comes to social media assistance, specifically writing better Instagram captions, a VA helps create content and engage with your followers. They also connect with numerous online communities to boost your online media presence. 

For better understanding, the following are some ways where your VA can help write compelling Instagram captions for your brand: 

1. Compose drafts first

As a part of your team, you can be sure your VA is familiar with your marketing goals. They can easily create drafts aligned with your objectives, all written in a tone fitting your brand.

Letting your VA write several drafts gives you the most engaging post captions. A bank of write-ups you can look into for caption ideas when you need something posted immediately is also a handy deliverable your VA can provide. 

Moreover, preparing Instagram captions gives you ample time to spot and edit errors before your content goes live on your official Instagram account. 

2. Put key details first

Like any other online user, people on Instagram will likely read the first line of your caption and continue scrolling if it doesn’t capture their interest. Thus, it’s important to put key details at the beginning of your captions and hook your readers within the first few lines of your texts. Otherwise, the rest of your caption won’t matter. 

3. Insert a call-to-action (CTA)

An Instagram caption with a compelling CTA is one of the great ways to lead more engagements, generate better leads, and, eventually, close a sale. One best example of a CTA that increases your post is asking the users to tag their friends in the comment section. 

Aside from including CTAs in your Instagram captions, you can work with your VA to design banners for the brand’s website and blogs as well to draw more conversions for the business. 

4. Limit the use of hashtags

Like on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube marketing, hashtags tie the conversations of different users to one another, so long as their accounts are public. Your VA can include multiple hashtags in their posts, but keep in mind that experts suggest limiting the number to three to five to avoid looking spammy to your brand’s followers. 

5. Incorporate emojis

VAs specializing in content marketing strategies easily prepare fun and light-hearted captions in your brand’s voice for your Instagram postings. Being well-versed in social media trends, they understand what works and what doesn’t, and this includes knowing the importance of using relevant emojis in posts.

When used right, emojis entice readers and stop them from scrolling. Funny combinations that make a story also spark engagement, improving your presence in the industry and online in general.

The Power of Instagram Captions

Aside from captivating and aesthetically pleasing videos and images, a compelling Instagram caption significantly impacts your company’s online presence and performance. It attracts users to interact and do business with your brand.

If you want to up your Instagram game and other digital marketing work, partner with social media professionals in the field and check out the experts at Outsource Access.

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