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How to Integrate Talented, Affordable Staff from the Philippines Into Your Business

10 Ways to Scale by Automating and Delegating

What does a VA do?
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How to Integrate Talented, Affordable Staff from the Philippines Into Your Business: 10 Ways to Scale  by Automating and Delegating


This video training is all about you. 

  • How does all this work?
  • What will I have a virtual staff do in my business? What are they capable of?
  • How will it integrate with my existing operations and employees?
  • What about their competency, time zones, language, security, communication?
  • What if they leave and I have to get a new staff? How does that work? 

At Outsource Access we are education first leading to 7 global or national awards including Inc 5000, Inc Best In Business, Real Leaders, Pacesetters and others. We built our business based on our CEO speaking to over 200 organizations globally with case studies, stories and tools to help small to medium businesses in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand truly UNDERSTAND the world of using offshore staff from the Philippines and address all the same questions he had before beginning this journey.

Your host: Brad Stevens is a lifetime entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Outsource Access he started and grew to 500 employees in just 4 years being inspired by his own experience of working with staff in the Philippines in his prior business. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup, small, medium or large enterprise in ANY industry… you will get value from this video training.

We’ve been doing this for 10 years so we answer all your questions about pay rates, time zones, trust, competency, skill sets, communication and more.


We will show you ACTUAL “behind the scenes” examples from thousands of hours of experience in using virtual staff in the Philippines for:

Lead Generation | Datamining | Social Media | Email Marketing | Blogs | Email and Calendar Support for Business Owners | Customer Support | Websites | Video Editing | Research | Admin Work |Travel Planning | Personal Tasks | Family Tasks | And More…

Just a few examples…

  • All the simple but highly effective tools for getting things out of your head to a virtual staff to document processes, sharing passwords, tracking performance and more.
  • How a company started with 1 and now has 5 staff Filipino integrated into their business across operations, marketing, sales, finance and customer support augmening their existing teams leading to 5x growth in 4 years
  • I’ll show in JUST 5 minutes how I go from shooting a quick video on my phone to sending to my VA who has it edited, captions added and pushed to all my social media accounts. In just 5 minutes.
  • I’ll show how my VA is helping me land podcast interviews and handling all my lead generation on Linked In along with website edits and customer support.
  • I’ll show how I even had my VA get my watch fixed and have my full warranty paperwork and shipping label in my inbox within 24 hours. And how she lined up house repair quotes when we had water damage.
  • I’ll show how we do ALL of this without ever having to give out my password!sma

Enter Your Name and Email Below to Access the Video Training