An Entrepreneur's Guide to Social Media Virtual Assistants

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Media Virtual Assistants

As social media grew in popularity, it eventually became a huge part of everyday life, especially in today’s digital age. As of 2021, over 4.48 billion people worldwide use social media daily to keep up with everything happening around them. Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest platforms to date, with over 65.86% of their user base active at all times.

Due to these steadily growing numbers, several companies took advantage and joined these platforms to reach out to their audiences. Following this trend will not only gain your company a stronger online presence, but it will also attract patrons from current generations and keep up with their demands. 

If you assume that managing a social media account is as easy as clicking a button, you’d be surprised to know how much work it actually takes to get the job done. To manage a social media precedence well, you need the right person who can handle the job for you.

In most cases, you can hire a virtual assistant (VA) who is well-versed and tech-savvy to take charge of your brand’s social media standing anytime, anywhere.

What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

A social media VA is a remote worker who can handle your company’s social media platforms and related tasks. This may include creating weekly and monthly content for your platforms, scheduling online posts, and researching trends today. At the same time, they can also interact with your customers by replying to comments and direct messages. 

8 Major Roles of a Social Media Virtual Assistant

1. Handles social media communications

As you manage a business and are busy with other more demanding tasks, sometimes you’ll miss replying to a message or two. With a social media VA, you have someone who can quickly respond to inquiries for you.

2. Drafts and proofs materials for posting

A social media VA can take charge of creating and checking your content and copy before they get posted online. With their help, you can rest assured that your posts are maintained at a certain level of quality before anyone else can see them.

3. Manages social media calendar

Having a VA on board to handle your social media calendar ensures that your business stays on schedule with its online content. They can set the deadline for the completion of the content and when these need to be posted.

4. Develops social media strategy

Social media VAs are experts in their field. They can build your company’s online strategy so you can stay ahead of your competitors. As they study the trends, these remote professionals can work on all the necessary research for you to make sure that your content can engage your audiences.

5. Sets up an online presence

With a social media VA on your team, you can establish and maintain a strong online presence for your brand. Doing so will keep your business relevant to existing clients and extend your brand to wider audiences.

6. Updates existing content 

As your brand grows, some of your content may become outdated over time. A social media VA can spice things up by updating your old posts to include new and refreshing content that your customer base can learn from and enjoy.

7. Monitors conversations

Social media management includes keeping an eye on what people are talking about online. A social media VA can check out what’s popular with your customers. They can also look out for any concerns people have about your business, which you can use to improve your performance.

8. Prepares social media reports

To manage a social media platform properly, you need to track its performance in numbers. A VA can curate a data report on the business’s entire digital work, pinpointing which areas need tweaking and which efforts should be continued due to its effectiveness.

What to Expect from Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Low operational costs

Hiring a VA is cheaper than an in-house employee. Since most of them work as independent contractors, there’s no need for extra costs, such as equipment and employee benefits, when partnering with one.

Refined social media presence

A social media VA’s main objective is to build your online presence and grow your business. With their elaborate digital strategies, expect an improved overall company performance, especially in customer engagement. 

Hassle-free and improved operations

With a social media VA taking over your social media duties, you can now better organize both your work and personal calendars. This means you can focus on core business tasks that require your immediate attention, which can significantly boost the quality of operations.

Flexible contracts

You can hire a highly skilled VA on a contractual or project basis. Unlike regular employees, you can also adjust their work hours; for example, you can have them log in only when their expertise is needed. 

Better profits

With a social media VA’s efforts to enhance your organization’s social media reach and engagement, your customers become more satisfied and enticed to buy your products and service. As your online presence continues to grow, so will your profits.

Adapting to the Age of Social Media

Keeping up with the times is essential for your business to get a steady grip against your competitors. With a social media VA on your team, you can gain numerous advantages as you build your online presence.

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