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We are a fully managed outsourcing and virtual services firm with management in the US and Virtual Assistants in the Philippines where English is their second language and Americanized culture.  We are 450 employees strong helping entrepreneurs and businesses in marketing, sales, operations, personal tasks and more with our highly trained, affordable virtual staff. 






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Our CEO, Brad Stevens, briefly shares why it is such an honor to be the only outsourcing company to win the Inc Best in Business Award. 

Just announced!

We’ve been recognized as an Inc Best in Business Award Winner!

“This award recognizes companies that have gone above and beyond to make a positive impact on their communities, their industries, the environment or society as a whole.”

At Outsource Access we are committed to helping our staff and Clients realize their full potential and it is an honor to be recognized!

We proudly run our entire company on EOS.

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Listen to the department leads as they explain the support you will get in the first 90 days of your onboarding, so You and your Virtual Assistant will be set up for success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Virtual Assistant can work any timezone that you prefer. We will say though, that a lot of our US clients actually prefer their VA to work overnight so that work is completed when they get in the office in the morning.

Our workers are all from the Philippines where they are taught English from an early age. English is their second language. The accent is very very minimal.

We love to offer our clients the security of flexibility. You will just need to let us know 90 days in advance if you need to cancel for whatever reason.

We hear this all of the time. Most of our clients don’t realize how much time their tasks are taking, nor do they realize how much more can be given to their VA that they’re not currently doing. Many of these same clients come to us to hire a second VA in no time.

We hire fast learners, great communicators and VAs that take feedback exceptionally well. They will be trained in all admin tasks and may have specialty in your field. They are just like a US- based employee, you will still need to train them on your company’s processes and some knowledge of your industry.

We offer you several candidates to interview and hire. If for whatever reason, the VA that you decide to choose and hire is not working out, you can let us know and we can match you with a better fit.

Your VA creates a playbook of all of your processes starting day 1. In the unlikely event that a VA should leave for any reason, we can have another VA hired and trained on your processes. Of course you’ll have to introduce him or her to your company, but the down time should be minimal.