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A highlight video of some of our UN SDG Initiatives at Outsource Access

Outsource Access began when our CEO Brad Stevens from Atlanta, Georgia hired Jaycel, his first Virtual Assistant from the Philippines.

Over the course of their relationship, they established a mutually beneficial relationship that ultimately led to the company’s launch, which grew to over 500 employees in just four years later. Jaycel runs operations as the COO while Brad focuses on strategy and sales as the CEO.  

Early in their relationship, Jaycel shared that because of the income she was making from their work together, she could give back to a local village by buying shoes for all the children. Inspired by Jaycel’s give-back mentality and Brad’s commitment to community impact, the company launched our grassroots “Virtual Assistants Give Back” program 3 years ago. It started with expanding the shoe program to include educational supplies we delivered over two trips to over 60 children in two villages. 

These efforts and other give-back initiatives led to the opportunity from Brad’s leadership within the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization to lead one of 4 groups at a think-tank event at the United Nations headquarters with nearly 200 EO members from around the world. Along with taking these findings back to his local EO Chapter as President of EO Atlanta to implement an “Impact Chair” role he also wanted to more formally integrate the SDG’s into our company philosophy and “Give Back” initiatives to a more sustainable program with long-term impact.  

We felt the SDG’s offered a framework to bring impact initiatives around humanity and the environment into our company where employees could be engaged, directly influence our work and feel they are part of a bigger initiative beyond just their job and a global virtual staffing company. 

We needed to determine how we wanted to make an impact initially as a smaller firm and as we grew as a company we wanted to find a more structured and formalized way to integrate the perspectives and desires of our employees into our initiatives.

We decided to hire our “SDG Implementation Consultant” to partner with us to develop this program, understand our employees’ collective causes/passions, deliver regular activity programming, and track results to see the impact.

  • We vetted our implementer by her track record of giving back to communities, the alignment to core values, and being able to hold us accountable to track the progress of our goals in this program.

  • To be able to analyze and identify the collective passions of our employees, we conducted the following data-gathering instruments and processes:

    • Online Survey: We sent a survey created by the implementer to all employees, sent on August 4- 6, 2021 via Online survey and answered by 295 employees.

    • Focused Group Discussion (FGD): FGD was conducted on August 16-20, 2021 via online meeting room and attended by 7 groups of 41 employees.

    • Key Informant Interview (KII): KII was conducted on August 25, 2021 via Online meeting and attended by 5 department heads. 

  • From the results of the data gathering, our implementer was able to identify the following SDG Goals that our employees collectively prefer:

    • SDG #1 No Poverty

    • SDG #8 Decent Work and Economical Growth

    • SDG #12 Responsible Consumption and Production

    • SDG #14 Life Below Waters

    • SDG #15 Life on Land

    • SDG #17 Partnerships for the Goals

Along with initiatives already completed from 2019 to the present, for 2022 we have committed to the following activities:

  • Tree Growing activity in partnership with DENR

  • Mangrove planting activity in partnership with LGU-Opol

  • An employee engagement program entitled green campaign in relation to responsible consumption and production in partnership with LGU-CDO

Below are some of the initiatives we have
executed thus far. 

sdgs orig
inc best black award

Our CEO, Brad Stevens, briefly shares why it is such an honor to be the only outsourcing company to win the Inc Best in Business Award. 

We’ve been recognized as an Inc Best in Business Award Winner!

“This award recognizes companies that have gone above and beyond to make a positive impact on their communities, their industries, the environment or society as a whole.”

At Outsource Access we are committed to helping our staff and Clients realize their full potential and it is an honor to be recognized!

We proudly run our entire company on EOS.

Proud Recipient of 6 global or National Awards For Growth, Service Quality and Purpose

UNSDG # 2 No Hunger

A Trisikad is a bicycle with a mounted sidecar that can seat 2 or more passengers. These are driven as taxis by Filipino men as a source of income to feed their families. When the pandemic struck the city, the passengers became scarce due to the strict quarantine implementation – this severely impacted the lives of the Trisikad drivers. Due to hunger and hopelessness, suicide plagued the city. 

The Bags of Hope Organization with the help of their sponsors – including Outsource Access, aims to eradicate this problem through the Pantry on Wheels Program. This program provides food packs to the Trisikad drivers all around the city, hoping that the food packs will spark some optimism to keep them going. 

Outsource Access is committed to the UNSDG goal #2 – Zero Hunger and will continue to support local organizations to eradicate hunger. 

UNSDG #4 Quality Education

Schools for Children with Learning Disabilities in third world countries are scarce and financial support from the government is often too low for the schools to fully operate without the help of private organizations.

Earlier this year, our management team in the Philippines visited and extended help to a Special Education School in a nearby town. The smiles we received in return are heartwarming. View the video above to see this event. 

VA Give Back
COVID-19 Assistance Program

UNSDG Goal #8

UNSDG # 8: Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all – Outsource Access supports this sustainable development goal. 

Our clients have allowed us to grow and provide more decent work to skilled Filipinos by entrusting us and incorporating our VAs in their journey to realize their entrepreneurial potential. 

As heard from survivor stories, COVID-19 is both a physical and mental battle. Most of those who contracted the virus said that the latter is tougher to overcome. The fear of the symptoms getting worse, the anxiety of knowing that there is a possibility that you might not have work to return to after you recuperate adds up to the physical pain. It can be agony for the breadwinners of the family who get sick with the virus, and do not know where they will get money to survive the storm.

To alleviate these concerns Outsource Access launched the COVID-19 Assistance Program, on top of our Health Insurance which covers COVID-19 hospital-related cases. The COVID-19 Assistance Program aims to assist all employees who test positive for the virus during their isolation or recovery period by providing them a “Recovery/Isolation Allowance.” This way, infected employees can focus on getting better, while their co-workers take on their daily tasks.

To safeguard our clients’ operations the existing Redundancy Process is activated to minimize disruptions in the daily operations should their VA face this situation. 

According to the definition, “Decent work is employment that respects the fundamental rights of the human person as well as the rights of workers in terms of conditions of work safety and remuneration. Respect for the physical and mental integrity of the worker in the exercise of his/her employment.” As one of our core values says, we put our relationships with our team and customers above all else. We try our best to live our relationship-driven core values in this difficult time.


UNSDG #15 Life on Land

Earlier this month, our Management Team, HR personnel, and some of our Virtual Assistants honored their social obligation by giving back to nature through a Tree Planting activity. This activity aims to create social awareness of climate change and inspire the community to take action.

This activity is the result of our first attempt to fully survey all employees to drive our activities.  Based on the survey and the different SDG’s to choose from, Life on Land came back as the top selection. Based on this request, we signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Natural Resources in the Philippines that as a company, we agreed to help grow trees in the areas designated to us.