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6 Content Marketing Strategies Virtual Assistants Can Help With

Content Marketing Strategies VA

The marketing world has seen its fastest evolution over the past decade. From mainly advertising in newspapers and TV commercials to social media and Google ads, businesses have and continue to innovate to stand out and meet the growing demands of their customers.

Among many marketing efforts, content marketing has become one of the most effective ways brands are able to build themselves up. So much so that 90% of marketers with an existing content marketing strategy plan to continue investing in it this 2022. 

However, running a content marketing plan is not as easy as it sounds. Companies need the best people in their team to execute a content marketing strategy effectively. For those who have yet to scale their workforce, partnering with virtual assistants (VAs) to manage your marketing schemes can make all the difference.

If all this sounds like uncharted territory, this article is for you! We’ve listed the importance of content marketing in a business and what VAs can do to help market your brand to a greater audience.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the strategic process of creating and publishing valuable and relevant content to attract, engage, and retain audiences. But before creating content, you need to have a thorough understanding of these five essential elements: your buyer personas, brand positioning, owned media value proposition, business goals, and action plan.

While there are multiple types of content marketing to grow your business, such as blog posts, infographics, eBooks, and videos, these elements must be identified first to clearly set the direction of your strategy and your business in general.

Why is Content Marketing Important for Your Business?

Content marketing helps businesses engage with their target audiences throughout the customer’s journey. To know more about them specifically, below are some of content marketing’s direct benefits to an organization.

  • It raises brand awareness

Relevant and compelling content can bring customers into your sales funnel and help them find solutions to their pressing problems. 

As HubSpot pointed out, publishing content is the easiest way to show your brand’s personality and position on certain issues. It puts a face to your business that consumers can digest to understand what you can offer.

  • It improves customer retention

Content marketing still proves useful up to the delight stage of the buyer’s journey. In this stage, you can adopt strategies like sending customer onboarding emails, video refreshers, and online community group invitations.

  • It builds client trust and loyalty

Trust is a fundamental aspect of the customer experience. In fact, a 2021 study from Adobe found that 71% of customers would purchase more from a brand they trust. By publishing content that is helpful and backed by data, you’re able to show your target audience that you’re reliable and trustworthy in the industry.

  • It generates better leads

Publishing valuable gated content is one of the effective ways to generate leads. Marketing experts believe that gating certain content pushes movement toward purchasing. Examples of this type of brand material include whitepapers, case studies, and courses.

You can also generate leads by cross-linking content assets with each other. If you have a video on a specific subject matter, you can provide a link in the description to a landing page of an eBook or case study that your audience can download to learn more about what they just watched.

Content Marketing Strategies VA

6 Content Marketing Tasks a VA Can Do for Your Business

Now that you understand the importance of content marketing, it’s time to delegate the work to the right people. However, if you don’t have enough members on your team yet, you can always hire a VA to take over some of your content marketing tasks, such as:

  1. Identifying your target audience

Part of launching an effective content marketing strategy is identifying your target audience, which often requires extensive research. A VA can help you look into your target demographics, understand their behaviors, and create buyer personas to help shape your content marketing efforts.

  1. Writing your content

With a VA handling your content writing tasks, you can consistently publish valuable materials all the while reducing operational costs and focusing on core responsibilities within your organization

  1. Auditing existing content

Running a content audit involves checking the performance of your published materials, understanding what your audience likes and dislikes, and streamlining your future content marketing strategies. 

Since content auditing is a comprehensive process, a VA can help take over this job to ensure they’re organized and all relevant assets are covered for the analysis.

  1. Managing a content calendar

Having a VA manage your content calendar can help your marketing team keep track of all their deliverables. This ensures that you can hit your marketing goals on time, determine ways to improve your materials and identify new content opportunities you can squeeze into your pipeline.

  1. Designing attractive visual content

Data from HubSpot shows that 56% of content marketers who leverage infographics say it’s the most effective content format they use. Consider hiring a virtual graphic designer to help you create captivating visual content, deliver your message more effectively, and establish your branding through various visual content.

  1. Monitoring and measuring results

It isn’t enough to publish content. You also need to monitor its performance and measure its effectiveness to identify your pain points and replicate successful strategies. A marketing VA can help you do just that with ad tools designed to track content performance according to different factors.

Leave Your Content Marketing Strategies to the Experts

Content marketing offers numerous benefits to businesses, especially when done right. This is why it’s crucial to have the right people handle your content and ensure that they’re performing well to attract and retain customers, generate better sales, and improve your brand image. 

If you’re looking for professionals to handle your content marketing strategies, look no further than Outsource Access! As an established virtual assistant company, Outsource Access has a pool of seasoned VAs trained to help move your brand forward and scale your business.

Getting started with a VA is quick and easy! Check out Outsource Access’ process for vetting an expert VA, or book a call to learn more.

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