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5 Email Marketing Functions a Virtual Assistant Can Work On

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Marketing can make or break a business; that’s common industry knowledge. Today, the digital space has so many opportunities that it may be challenging to track new strategies to utilize. 

For instance, there’s eCommerce marketing that, when done right, can get your business’s name out there in a competitive space like the retail market. 

Social media marketing is also a great strategy, especially if you want to widen your network and attract younger audiences. But, another approach you can consider—together with your in-house team and virtual assistants—is email marketing.

Are you interested in implementing email marketing into your business? Read on to understand its basics and benefits before getting started.

What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work?

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that uses email to send various marketing messages to customers and prospects, promoting a business’s products or services. Sometimes, it utilizes marketing automation efforts to reach out to an audience who’ve signed up for newsletters or other brand updates.

Like other marketing strategies, email marketing involves designing a campaign and requires multiple A/B testing to identify how best to communicate with your subscribers.

When you maximize your email marketing tool, expand your email list, and draw powerful campaigns, email marketing can boost your business in the market in no time and at a low cost. Studies show that email can generate $42 for every $1 spent, leading up to an astonishing 4,200% return on investment (ROI) if done correctly.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Now that you know the basics of email marketing, it’s time to understand why it matters to a business. Below are some reasons why you should include it in your marketing efforts:

  • It strengthens customer relationships

Email marketing allows you to make your brand’s voice heard. You can use email marketing to make announcements, send exclusive offers, connect with customers, and ask them for some feedback. Depending on the customer’s previous purchase or activity with your brand, you can personalize your message per receiver.

  • It’s easy to maintain and cost-effective

Unlike other marketing strategies, email marketing is easy to manage and doesn’t break the bank. Once you’ve created your list, you or your team can easily select the people who’ll receive your email campaign and schedule them to go out at a certain time. 

You can also add links to products, services, or pages that might be relevant to the recipient. You don’t need to pay for extensive campaign preparations, like printing and mailing.

  • It enhances customer loyalty

Email marketing is a straightforward approach that helps you build relationships and provides value to your customers, resulting in a loyal audience that repeatedly returns to your brand. It allows you to connect with customers even when you’re unavailable for in-person interactions.

  • It increases leads

Apart from maintaining patrons, email marketing is an effective way to generate leads and get your business in front of your target market. Compared to other marketing tactics, this covers a wider demographic, like those who aren’t on certain social media platforms or other channels.

5 Email Marketing Tasks to Assign to a Virtual Assistant

Marketing can be difficult to scale, especially if you’re not a savvy marketer. Hiring a virtual marketing assistant who’s an email marketing expert can help you scale your efforts.

Check out these tasks an email marketing virtual assistant (VA) can do for your business:

  1. Create an email database

A VA can create an email database for your business’s email marketing initiative. They can collect contact information from sources like social media platforms, company websites, and answers from sign-up forms. Additionally, they can collate these details into an organized spreadsheet that you can easily access. 

  1. Draft email templates

While there are many components to a strong email marketing campaign, the template is one of the most crucial parts to keep in mind. When a skilled VA drafts quality content, you send out impactful messages your audience can engage with or advocate your products/services for.

  1. Manage email flow

Especially for this type of work, you must ensure that your email flow is always organized. Having a VA in your corner can come in handy with managing this task. They can segment your subscribers into different groups based on certain criteria. You can easily send relevant content to specific audiences without scrolling through each list and campaign.

  1. Design visual content

With a graphic design VA on your team, your brand can come up with eye-catching visuals that can aid your email marketing campaigns. These remote talents can create materials like infographics and newsletters you can use to promote your business’s products or services.

  1. Monitor and measure results

To know if your email marketing campaigns were a success, you need to monitor and measure their results. A VA can update how well each is doing using tools to evaluate its effectiveness accurately. 

In Facebook marketing, for instance, they can offer insights into what works best for specific audiences and recommendations for future campaigns that’ll help outperform previous ones.

Build Your Brand through Email Marketing

There’s more to email marketing than just sending emails to a list of contacts. It requires a structure that involves creating engaging templates, managing and segregating correspondences, and designing visual content. When done right, it can result in multiple wins that elevate your brand in today’s competitive market.

For your email marketing efforts, it’s important to have the right people working on it from start to finish to lead an effective marketing strategy that produces consistent results. Partnering with email marketing experts at a virtual assistant company like Outsource Access is a great start in building your dream team.

Outsource Access offers top-notch virtual assistant services that help launch powerful email marketing campaigns and other marketing efforts to drive your business forward.

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