5 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies a VA Can Do for You

5 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies a VA Can Do for You


Running an e-commerce business can be challenging, especially for small to midsize companies and solo entrepreneurs. You may be tempted to put marketing in the backseat to focus on aspects that directly generate revenue for your e-commerce; however, doing that would be a mistake. After all, customers are the lifeblood of a business, and marketing is crucial in capturing their attention.

The good news is that implementing marketing strategies doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can enlist a virtual assistant (VA) who specializes in digital marketing to make it easier for you. By hiring a VA, you can focus on more strategic, revenue-increasing operations while streamlining specific functions. 

In this post, you will learn about the e-commerce marketing strategies that are best delegated to virtual assistants. This will also touch on the benefits of hiring a VA, particularly on scaling an e-commerce business.

  1. Visual Content Marketing 

Visual content marketing harnesses the power of images to help your target audience make informed purchasing decisions and gain their trust, and eventually, their business. It usually comes in the form of educational infographics and videos. Organizations that embrace this strategy have more chances of getting increased revenue, as imagery is a powerful tool in attracting customers’ attention.

E-commerce virtual assistants specializing in graphic design, video editing, and website design can help package a brand’s products or services into eye-catching visual formats to create compelling marketing assets that can capture the interest of potential clients.  

In addition, since VAs are well-trained in specific tasks, they can work with minimal supervision. With their efficiency, they can help take a brand’s visual content marketing to the next level.  

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to the practice of enhancing a website to boost its visibility for relevant searches. It is an essential part of e-commerce marketing because people conduct searches every day to find information about products and services. Ranking higher in search results gives businesses more opportunity to attract customers, giving them an edge over those that do not employ an SEO strategy.

Some virtual assistants also have special training in lead generation, email campaigns, and website page development. By hiring a VA specializing in SEO, companies can leverage their website content, optimize their websites, and ultimately drive sales.

For small businesses, this can be a cost-efficient way to promote and gain new customers organically, especially if they don’t have a budget to enlist an agency or hire an in-house marketing team.

  1. Facebook and Instagram 

Instagram is an e-commerce marketplace in its own right. With over a billion users, it is one of the fastest ways for businesses to connect with consumers. Facebook also remains a viable platform for online marketing, with over 250 million Marketplace users. 

Businesses can maximize the use of these platforms by hiring a social media VA. Since most virtual assistants are millennials—known for being tech-savvy—using Facebook and Instagram will just be second nature for them. They can curate compelling photos, produce tailored content, and use hashtags strategically to build a following interested in your company’s products and services. 

With their proficiency at using social media, VAs can help brands enhance their customer engagement, which is a critical factor in driving sales.

  1. Blogging

Short for weblog, blogging started as an opportunity for individuals to publish journal-type entries, but it has since evolved into an e-commerce marketing strategy. Many businesses today leverage their blogs to attract and gain their target market’s trust through informational posts. 

Blogging is now a powerful strategy that can help you nurture loyalty and position your brand as a thought leader in your industry. With this approach, you can build credibility and enhance customer engagement while increasing your website traffic. By hiring a VA who will focus on creating blog content, businesses can publish quality posts regularly, which is great for improving SEO. 

  1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is a strategy that involves publishing an article on someone else’s blog or website to widen your brand’s reach. You can use this strategy to connect with prospects and get the word out about your products or services. 

Additionally, guest posting allows you to insert a link to your website, reinforcing your SEO efforts. With its backlink-earning capability, it can boost sales by generating higher organic search engine rankings.

guest post

There are VAs trained in this e-commerce strategy. With their specialized writing skills, they can write SEO-friendly articles that can generate better search engine rankings. Niche writers can also pitch ideas to help increase a brand’s visibility and online presence. 

VAs Help Drive Business Growth with their Specialized Skills

 Virtual assistants are trained in various tasks, making them valuable assets in scaling a business. With their talents and specialized skills, they can help companies deal with the challenges of e-commerce

Looking to partner with a VA for your marketing strategies? Talk to us so we can see how we can make things more convenient for you. Check out our process or book a call to learn more.

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