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Addictive Tools – Hotjar

Do you really know what’s working (or not) on your website? Having the intel on your website could mean the difference between getting customers to convert or losing

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Addictive Tools – Tettra

Tracking down the information you need can be a nightmare if it’s scattered across platforms. And, trying to point your employee to that “one” important note can quickly

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Addictive Tools – GapJumpers

What does your ideal employee look like? Do they have a college degree? 10+ years of experience…or something else? If you’re like most business owners, you’d agree that

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Addictive Tools – ManyChat

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible… You can now automate your sales and support function with bots on Facebook! Sounds a bit futuristic, right? Well the future

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Addictive Tools – Quuu

Who really has time to post every day on social media? Now, you do! We got the inside scoop on a ground-breaking tool that will save you tons

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Addictive Tools – Nudge

How are you nurturing your sales relationships? If you’re like us, remembering to reach out to dozens of customers can be time-consuming. Plus, knowing what to say to

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Addictive Tools – Slydial

How are you using communication technology to connect with your customers? We asked ourselves that question and knew we had to find an affordable and super cool way

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