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When we work with small businesses, our core mission is to help them focus on what will help them grow.

Step 1: This is how we start with the small business

We have an in depth intake process where we work directly with the solopreneur and learn his or her pain points and growth goals. We identify exactly which tasks are most critical that need to be taken off of their plate, as well as which tasks can immediately produce an ROI.  

Once these tasks are identified, we start them off with hiring one Virtual Assistant who can handle the many tasks that have been outlined. Our HR process is very in depth and we only hire virtual assistants who are fast learners, great communicators and take great feedback. Because of this, they’re able to wear several different hats.

These are the types of things tasks absorb to free up your time:

  • Company Reports / Sales Reports
  • LinkedIn Management
  • Social Media
  • Email Management
  • Sales / Cold Emails
  • Product Research
  • HR Administrative Work

Check out this org chart of how we can start with the small business:

business chart

Step 2: Here’s how we grow with the small business

Once a small business starts working with us, they begin to experience an ROI like they’ve never experienced before. After they start getting back hours and hours of time, they typically begin to add more VAs in different areas of business. We then hire more specialized VAs that can accomplish heavy workloads in one particular area.

Here is an example org chart of a small business that we’ve helped grow:

Small Business Graph

See below success stories of our
Small Businesses

Angela Profitt

“I love how Outsource Access is proactive in coming up with a process to support businesses in the US. I also love how Outsource Access instills overcommunication to their people so when I sleep then wake up in the morning everything is done.” 

Meenal Vashishat

“Today I work with two really powerful VAs, and that just made my company progress at rapid speed. When I got my VAs, all my projects that were sitting dormant for so many years, they just started getting done.”


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