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Addictive Tools – PropFuel


When’s the last time you gave your team the “props” they deserved? I mean really took the time to let your team know that they nailed it on the last project.

With a to-do list growing out of control, making time to check in with your team can be challenging.

Not anymore! You’ll never forget to touch base with your teams again with…

Addictive Tool Name: PropFuel

Product Boosting Category: Employee Engagement


What’s the deal?

PropFuel makes connecting with your employees easier than ever. Now, feedback and recognition will become an embedded part of your company’s culture. With PropFuel, each week, everyone on your team will get a notification and be asked to spend a few minutes giving feedback and recognition. The time commitment is small, but the cumulative effect on your team’s productivity is huge. You can also create custom surveys to send to your team to check in and see how things are going. Or, you leverage PropFuel to dish out praise, when it is well deserved!

How much does it cost?

Customized pricing is available to fit your business needs.

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