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Addictive Tools – FreshMail

Let’s talk about your email marketing system. Finding the right platform that gives you immediate access to cutting-edge analytics tools AND allows you to design winning emails is

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Addictive Tools – WPForms

When it comes to capturing customer information on your website, what are you using? We thought we had the right tool until we uncovered this one-of-a-kind and FREE

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Addictive Tools – Buzzsumo

When your time is limited, spending hours researching what to write for your blog or social media posts can quickly become frustrating! We know because we’ve been there

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Addictive Tools – Mixpanel

When it comes to getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck – how is your website stacking up? If you don’t know where your customers are clicking

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Addictive Tools – Flock

Is your head count growing as you upscale your business? That’s awesome! But the challenge to keep everybody in the same page can be mounting as well. Don’t

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Do you have videos or audio files you’d like to transcribe? Are you tired of waiting days and spending hundreds of dollars to get clean, professionally-edited transcripts? Then

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Guess what…? Having live agents on your website can be done for cheaper than you think. We know because we discovered this hidden (and super affordable) customer engagement

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When it comes to sending proposals to clients, unfortunately, it is a necessary evil. And, if you’re anything like us, crafting a proposal to fit a client’s specific

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Addictive Tools – Biteable

Want to make high-quality videos for literally pennies on the dollar? Look no further than… Addictive Tool Name: Biteable Product Boosting Category: Video Production Website: What’s the

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Addictive Tools – AdEspresso

When it comes to Facebook advertising, are you following the best practices? Are you making the most of ad placement, image use, or even keywords? We asked ourselves

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Addictive Tools – Reevio

Stop paying crazy video and graphic design fees! That’s exactly what we did when we uncovered this jaw-dropping addictive tool. Don’t go another day without checking out… Addictive

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