Testimonials Series 2 - Outsource Access


My favorite thing about Outsource Access is that it’s easy. I didn’t want to have to spend time finding a VA, managing a VA, figuring out if I’m getting the best value, or worrying about them vanishing. The ease of hiring someone and the security of knowing that the person you’re hiring is part of a larger organization and they’re being taken care of.

– Chris Mann

We have VAs that are running our business doing amazing things! Having the ability to get all this stuff with high quality results for a fraction of the price.

– Matt Granados, Life Pulse Inc

We’ve hired a full time VA on our team and we’re looking into hiring a second. Hiring these VAs has freed up a lot of my team and my team members’ time to stay focused on revenue generating activities and high priority tasks.

– Erik Larkin, Commercial Real Estate Consultant


My VA, it has been a seamless process of incorporating him into my organization with my email, phone calls and everything that I need. It’s made my life a lot easier. The time difference is actually coming in handy. When I’m sleeping Justine is able to handle tasks that need to be done.

– Dan Dokovic

Instead of my Director of Operations coming in on Monday morning and spending the first half of his day reconciling reports, we show up on Monday morning and our VA has gone through everything over the weekend and it’s ready there for us to look at the reports, approve the time and get on with the week’s tasks.

– Christian Dodder, Fire Protection Services

Today I work with two really powerful VAs, and that just made my company progress at rapid speed. When I got my VAs, all my projects that were sitting dormant for so many years, they just started getting done.

– Meenal Vashishat, Clarity Coach

Wills Elliman

Wills Elliman

My VA is so diligent and beyond expectations. She’s always thinking of what needs to be done next. For example, she is great at doing lease abstracts with such a good eye for detail and color codes everything. I close just one extra deal and it pays for her the entire year! The hours saved I use for business or spending time with my family. It’s a win-win either way.

Eric Larkin

Eric Larkin

We hired one full-time VA and it’s been so impactful we’re looking to hire a second. I thought it would be a challenge but Outsource Access handled it all for us. The VA’s have freed up a lot of time for me and my team members to stay focused on revenue generating activities and high priority tasks. They have really helped in our day-to-day.


Dan Dokovic

In a year I do about 40-45 deals but with a VA you can stretch to 50-55. It has been seamless incorporating my VA into my email, phone calls and everything I’ve needed. It’s made my life a lot easier getting admin tasks off my plate. I thought the time difference was going to be a problem, but when I’m sleeping Justine is able to do tasks that need to be done.


Jeff Wilke

I’m estimating we might close 5-15 more deals per year based on the time we’re  saving with a Virtual Assistant. With all the technology and using the internet and  our social media and exposure, we should have a lot more inbound business than what we’ve had in the past.