Testimonials Series 3 - Outsource Access


I’m estimating we might close 5-15 more deals per year based on the time we’re saving with a Virtual Assistant. With all the technology and using the internet and our social media and exposure, we should have a lot more inbound business than what we’ve had in the past.


My VA is so diligent and beyond expectations. She’s always thinking of what needs to be done next.

Dr. AUSTIN COHEN, Chiropractor

They’ve been able to help me delegate all of the work that take away time from my family, patient retention, practice building, time with my patients… and we used to be at 1 location, now we’re at 7 locations. It’s all about that delegation!

SAM FUCHS, iCare Financial

What we’ve done is about $450,000 in savings for 2018, and what that does for a business like ours… It jumped our net gain up over 10% for next year. It’s astonishing. We didn’t even know that existed.

Video of one of our clients Monday morning meeting. He makes sure the VA feels present and part of the team by placing him on an ipad!


The major benefit of working with Outsource Access is really around efficiency and productivity. I will now experience, let’s say a two fold increase in revenue because of working with my new VA.

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