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Fundamentals of Design

Fundamentals of Design
Hosted by Ina Paderanga

As you know, we invest in ongoing training and development of your virtual assistant. Last year the Management Team in the Philippines developed Outsource Access In Search Of (ISOF), which is a program created to provide an avenue for awareness, learning, self-enhancement, and skill development for our virtual assistants. The objective of the program is to shape our virtual assistants to grow personally and professionally.

The fundamentals of design virtual event was a 2-session training. This event aims to improve the design ability of the VAs by learning the basics of design, design thinking, and design process.

The resource speaker for both sessions is Ina Gari Paderanga. She is working at Outsource Access as the Social Media & Branding Manager. She is a graphic designer by profession and has done photo editing, storyboarding, digital painting/illustration, layouts, logo and branding, and much more.