5 Short-Form Video Trends Your Social Media VA Can Work On

5 Short-Form Video Trends Your Social Media VA Can Work On

Outsource Access Short-Form Video Trends

Outsource Access Short-Form Video Trends

Video marketing is a cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign, as 92% of marketers will tell you. Because it’s such a popular and influential way to get consumer attention, you must compete with videos from different companies across industries.

There are a lot of strategies you can use to help your videos stand out; the simplest is to keep them short and sweet. Watcher engagement sharply drops off after 2 minutes, so you need to optimize your content to send your message quickly.

Short-form advertising is especially effective on social media platforms, where shareability and engagement can make or break a campaign. If you want to learn more about short-form videos and other content strategies to keep up with the trends, this article will help!

What are Short-Form Videos?

A short-form video averages 2 minutes or under in length, though this definition is not strict. Short-form platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have different time limits and settings, ranging from a second to 3 minutes.

People are twice as likely to share videos than any other form of content, which means that more viewers, on average, will see your videos more than your other content. Videos are helpful in several ways, from showcasing your products, demonstrating how to use them, or telling your brand’s story.

5 Short-Form Video Trends You Can Assign to Your Social Media VA

With the help of your social media virtual assistant (VA), your company can benefit from this powerful advertising tool. Below are some of the trends you can work on and implement for your brand:

1. Reviews and testimonials

User-generated content (UGC), like customer reviews and testimonials, can be a great way to showcase your product in an authentic and relatable way. Sharing this type of post also promotes a sense of community among your customers and imparts your appreciation for them. In fact, 72% of consumers trust businesses with positive reviews and testimonials more.

Your VA can help go through and pick out the content most suited for your brand to share and reach out to popular influencers in the space for collaborations. You can tap into the industry’s ecosystem with UGC and get more people talking about your brand.

2. Viral challenges

Viral challenges are another form of UGC that can help boost your brand. Videos with creative dances, interesting filters, or funny tasks can impart your messaging and identity to your target audience and the general public. However, participating in or creating challenges can be tricky, which is where a social media VA who knows the ins and outs of the space can help.

The important thing is to be authentic. Viewers can spot a sales attempt from a mile away, so any disingenuous attempts at participating can do the reverse and damage your brand image.

3. Product teasers

Short product teaser videos that can grab a viewer’s attention and drum up hype for a new release are a crucial part of short-form advertising. Your VA can get creative with the videos, like this form of viral marketing done by Paramount Pictures.

It would help if you made your promotions as shareable as possible by making them short, easy to watch, and enjoyable. Having a VA in touch with social media trends can help get people talking about your following product or service.

Short-Form Video Trends
Source: cottonbro studio via Pexels

4. Behind-the-brand clips

People want brands to be more human by understanding their values, goals, and practices. With short-form videos, you can highlight what your company stands for, how you treat your employees, and how it got to where it is.

Showing your process behind the scenes can build a strong connection with your customers and a more personal and authentic brand experience for everyone. You can have your VA be the host or “main character” in a less formal, storytelling-style set of videos. Consistency and good storytelling can boost your videos to the top of the trending page.

5. How-to guides and product demos

Nothing gets a customer more interested than knowing your product or service works effectively. A short video on the best way to use your item and demonstrating its effectiveness can impress them and reach more people organically.

Your social media virtual assistant can research the topic and platform on which you’ll post your videos, help with content creation, and edit and market them once finished filming. Be confident in your brand, and the people will come!

Videos: Short in Form, Strong in Effectiveness

Videos are a versatile tool for your business to stand out on social commerce platforms, but they can be intimidating and hard to get correctly. An excellent social media VA can help you make short-form videos, from research and content creation to editing and marketing—all of the benefits with none of the effort!

If you’re looking for remote professionals to take charge of your social media presence, you can avail of our top-notch virtual assistant services here at Outsource Access!

Interested? You can check out our process or book a call today to learn more!

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