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6 Important Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Virtual Assistant


Running a business means being able to adjust based on the ever-changing demands of the market. Whether it be upgrading sales efforts or modifying marketing campaigns, it all boils down to managing the workforce accordingly to continue driving numbers for your company.

However, since the global outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, most operations have transitioned to digital to keep the business afloat. In fact, remote work has been encouraged or required for 88% of organizations worldwide during this time.

Today, companies from all industries have seen the ease of leading a team virtually, with 81% of workers believing their employers will support having a remote setup even after the pandemic. Workforce expansion also follows this trend, as work-from-home jobs are on-demand now more than ever, including posts for virtual assistance.

Much like scouting for the right addition to your team in person, hiring a virtual assistant (VA) should come with a particular set of criteria to improve the company’s overall performance. With that, here are some characteristics you should consider when onboarding one for your business.


6 Characteristics to Look for in a Virtual Assistant

  1. Highly reliable 

A VA’s main role is to ease your company’s overall workload. As such, it’s only important you partner with a dependable talent—one that cares enough for their responsibilities and acts accordingly without you having to constantly handhold and monitor their progress. After all, it’s their responsibility to help you lessen the things you have to think about, not add up to them.

  1. Excellent communicator

Aside from being reliable, your VA should also be able to keep you and your team in the loop on relevant work updates. They must be transparent and communicative on reports, as those may affect the performance of the business as a whole. 

However, remember that communicating isn’t just a one-way street. Your VA also needs to be a good listener to collaborate well with your group, as that can result in outstanding outputs for your clients. 

  1. With a keen eye for detail

The tiniest mistakes can be fatal for your company, which is why a team member with an impeccable eye for detail is a must. When picking a VA, hire one that’s meticulous and organized with their work. Although mistakes are inevitable, having a detail-orientated VA that double or even quadruple-checks their deliverables saves you time and headache when approving presentations or reports.

  1. Multitasker

Excellent virtual assistants are experienced and skilled enough to take on many tasks and responsibilities. With this, teaming up with a VA that can multitask is essential. You want to look for a professional who can effectively and efficiently manage all the tasks on their plate with little to no issues.

  1. With good time management skills

Since VAs can be given multiple tasks at a time, they must portion their time well to prioritize assignments accordingly. Finding one with excellent time management skills entails having a member that can meet deadlines, which can help elevate your company’s performance and rapport with clients.

  1. Resourceful 

Hiring a VA means having a professional problem-solver onboard. While they may not have the answers on anything and everything, the perfect addition to your team must be resourceful enough to know where or who they can ask for solutions. This includes being thorough when searching for resources and sharp when connecting to the right people for a project. 

Things to Consider When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Prepare the right questions

When meeting candidates for a VA role, make sure to have a list of questions ready to know them better. Doing so can help you gauge their values and identify whether it aligns with your company or not. More than that, you can better grasp their personality to see if their work ethics or general character could get along with your clients or other employees.

  • Be clear about your expectations

While you may have already included the roles and responsibilities in your hiring post, it would also be helpful for you and your potential VA to be transparent when it comes to meeting expectations. This will allow both of you to examine whether working together would result in the business’ development or otherwise.

  • Ask for character references

Undoubtedly, interested candidates will try to sell themselves to your company. However, some may not tell the whole story. That’s why it’s best to gather character references from candidates to see how well they work with others. 

If an applicant is affiliated with a virtual assistant company, you may request insights from the management on their strengths and weaknesses. Doing so will give you a more informed decision during the recruitment process.

  • Conduct skills testing

Examining their skills can also help you deliberate whether they’re suitable for the VA position. Your test can range from checking their computer literacy to assessing their communication skills. This way, you can be sure they’re up for the job, and you won’t have a hard time training them in their roles.

  • Confirm their work schedule

Since VAs work remotely, there might be a chance they’re not in the same time zone as you. So before anything else, ask them about their work schedule. Discuss your timetable with them and confirm if they’re willing to meet it. If a flexible setup is allowed, know their preferred schedule where they’re most productive.  

Choose the Best Virtual Assistant for You

There are many things you need to evaluate when hiring a VA, especially since they’ll be handling tasks and information privy to your company. With the right person for the job, you can find the aid to lessen your workload and even a right-hand man for your daily operations. Much like recruiting an additional member to your team in person, go for a VA who you can rely on to elevate your brand.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, Outsource Access and its pool of expert VAs can cater to all of your business needs. Want to learn how they do it? Check out their process or book a call today!

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