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Customer Service VA: A Guide for Small Businesses

With today’s technological advancements, customers are setting higher expectations for the companies they do business with. As a result, these companies are pushing aggressive marketing campaigns, becoming more competitive than ever. Thus, your business needs to build a name and establish a niche to survive. 

In terms of raising brand awareness, the internet is a valuable tool to broaden your market reach on an international scale. With 85% of consumers researching before purchasing online and 93% making repeat transactions with brands that provide excellent customer service, it’s evident that digital presence can significantly influence customer satisfaction.

Having someone work on your company’s virtual channels to meet the market’s diverse needs can be a great solution to the ever-changing industry trends. A customer service virtual assistant (VA) aboard can extend your voice and help you with various business functions.

What is a Customer Service Virtual Assistant?

A customer service VA primarily handles business inquiries and feedback for product or service and ordering concerns through phone calls, chats, and emails. They are also skilled in outbound tasks, order fulfillment, tracking, and refund and escalation processing, ultimately enhancing your company’s support capabilities.

How Can a Customer Service Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?

  • Address sales and support inquiries 

Prospective customers often ask questions before confirming a purchase. A customer service VA can answer on your behalf to help you avoid losing potential sales because your customers aren’t getting responses fast enough.

  • Respond to customer complaints

Some customers send in a complaint first before leaving a negative review online. Having a VA replying to these messages can avoid the spread of bad feedback about your brand and even allow you to determine points of improvement in the business.

  • Process orders and payments

An organization needs to have a seamless process for collecting customer information and meeting purchase requests, and a customer service VA can help with that. They can ensure an efficient flow of transactions with their reliable and accurate data collection and processing skillset.

  • Administer CRM tool

You can task your virtual customer service representative to manage the business’ customer relationship management (CRM) tool to store consumer contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues, and run marketing campaigns efficiently. 

  • Handle multi-channel communication

A VA can play an essential role in maintaining communication with your customers and customer satisfaction, whether through the telephone, email, or various social media channels.

  • Deal with returns and refunds

When your customers ask for a return or refund, the last thing you want is to make them even more frustrated. When you partner with a VA, your business can quickly and easily process these requests, eliminating any additional dissatisfaction with your brand.

  • Manage tracking requests

Impatient customers on the other line can make order tracking difficult. Having a VA solely responsible for customer service work can attentively track orders when clients request the information.

  • Collect feedback

The best way to find out what your business needs to improve is through feedback. A VA can reach out to your customers to identify what worked and didn’t in your operations and campaigns.

Why Onboard a Customer Service Virtual Assistant?

  • Reduced operational expenses

You’d want to maximize your profits in whatever way. Hiring a remote VA instead of recruiting a full-time employee eliminates your need to spend on monthly salary, benefits, training, and other employment essentials.

  • Round-the-clock availability

With their flexible schedule, your customer service VA can continue supporting your clients even when everyone in your office has clocked out. Remember, prompt responses are vital in building your brand’s credibility and increasing goodwill.

  • Cross-channel support

Being accessible through all digital channels is crucial to providing remarkable customer service. A VA can go above and beyond by assisting your social media specialist and offering client assistance across different media.

  • Faster hiring process

Say goodbye to the months-long recruitment process when you outsource your VA. Instead, you can partner with an outsourcing company with a pool of top-notch talents and hire a worthy candidate for the post within hours or days.

  • Increased efficiency

When you let your customer service VA work on repetitive tasks, you can focus on cultivating big-picture ideas. With your VA’s collected data, you can concentrate on building more robust strategies to grow your business.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction 

Your business can get a competitive edge by providing consistent and impeccable customer experiences. Having someone professionally handle questions and complaints on your behalf impacts your customer satisfaction rates, which can directly translate to good public relations, among other things.

Service Your Customers Right; Partner with a VA

It can be tough to stand out and win consumers in a world full of competition that only by the day. Having exemplary customer service, though, can make all the difference.

Build a loyal client base when you partner with a customer service VA to run your business operations. Outsourcing experts for the role will not only enable you to focus on expanding your company but, more importantly, sustain customer satisfaction, ultimately increasing your profits while saving you money.

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