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Explore 7 Fundamental Marketing Functions and 6 LinkedIn Strategies to Maximize Results with Your Virtual Staff.

Mastering Marketing with your Virtual Staff!

In this edition of the Outsource Insider, we're diving deep into the realm of marketing, unraveling the essential functions every entrepreneur should be well-versed in. We'll also explore LinkedIn marketing strategies you can start working on now with your virtual staff. Let's turn those clicks into conversions and connections into clients, all that and more!

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Productivity Hacks

Connections are integral to success in the business world. Fortunately, building them has become much easier due to technological advancements.

LinkedIn marketing is a strategy that leverages the platform to nurture connections, produce leads, and increase brand awareness. With its primary focus being professional networking, LinkedIn has become a valuable part of most successful marketing strategies for industries across the board.


It’s more about sharing expert insights and critical business developments and less about promoting a product or service than other content marketing platforms. Its primary focus on business ultimately allows you to target critical decision-makers more actively and accurately. Read more to know how your business can use LinkedIn to your advantage.

Tools to Look Out For

Master Budget Management with PlanGuru

Crafting a successful marketing campaign requires more than just creativity and strategy; it also hinges on effective budget management. However, this can be a daunting task, especially for startups or businesses working with limited resources and a small team. This is where PlanGuru comes to the rescue.


PlanGuru is more than just a budgeting tool; it's a comprehensive business budgeting platform that equips entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to not only create realistic budgets but also project and interpret their finances effectively.

What sets PlanGuru apart is its seamless integration with industry-standard software like QuickBooks and Excel, allowing you to incorporate it into your existing workflows effortlessly. So whether you're a small business owner or part of a larger organization, Plan Guru's analytic tools and forecasting capabilities can prove invaluable.


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In the world of business, understanding the intricate dance of marketing is very similar to mastering a complex symphony. If you truly want to gauge your ROI, pinpoint your relevant KPIs, and steer your ship to success, you must first have a firm grasp of the seven fundamental marketing functions:

  • Promotion
  • Selling
  • Product/Service Management
  • Marketing Information Management
  • Pricing
  • Financing
  • Distribution

Understanding these functions not only empowers you to craft the best strategies for your business but also helps identify areas where additional staff, like virtual staff, can enhance your capabilities.

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Understanding every aspect of marketing is the pillar to business success. This knowledge holds the power to transform your ventures into extraordinary triumphs. As you embark on your journey, know that when the going gets tough, we have a team of highly-skilled, and affordable virtual staff ready to assist you.

So, until we meet again in the next edition, keep striving, keep achieving, and keep believing in the endless possibilities that await you on your entrepreneurial voyage!

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