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6 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Work on With a Virtual Assistant

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Connections are integral to success in the business world. Fortunately, building them has become much easier due to technological advancements.

Nowadays, you only need to be on the right platform to network with fellow entrepreneurs and foster business relationships to scale your company. Enter one of the most used business-oriented social networking sites today—LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform, boasting more than 58 million registered companies and 850 million members. Professionals worldwide have utilized the platform to establish connections, share ideas, and seek help for their career development. 

Apart from being an effective networking tool, you can also leverage LinkedIn to help your social media marketing strategies, particularly for B2B companies. 

If you’re thinking about incorporating the platform into your marketing efforts, this blog post will discuss LinkedIn marketing and the strategies your business can implement with the help of a marketing virtual assistant.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is a strategy that leverages the platform to nurture connections, produce leads, and increase brand awareness. With its primary focus being professional networking, LinkedIn has become a valuable part of most successful marketing strategies for industries across the board.

The most significant difference between LinkedIn marketing and other social media marketing strategies like Facebook marketing or YouTube marketing is its tendency to prioritize business above all else. 

LinkedIn marketing is more about sharing expert insights and critical business developments and less about promoting a product or service than other content marketing platforms. Its primary focus on business ultimately allows you to target critical decision-makers more actively and accurately.

How Can Your Business Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn became the most popular online platform for professionals primarily due to the benefits your business can gain from being a registered member. Let’s discuss ways your business can utilize this networking platform.

  • Broadcasting company wins

LinkedIn can serve as a news outlet and social platform for your community of followers. The site is ideal for announcing major company wins, like industry recognitions, financial milestones, rebranding news, product launches, and service unveilings, thus generating positive public relations and press.

  • Featuring company culture

Brands often tailor their LinkedIn campaign management strategies to highlight their company culture. The main reason for this approach is to provide insight for prospective candidates to know what it’s like to work for them, increasing the chances of attracting new and skillful talents. 

Sharing company-exclusive events and employee spotlight posts are a few great ways to feature company culture.

  • Posting content

As previously established, LinkedIn doubles as a social platform. Apart from your business website, you can also publish blogs, infographics, and case studies on the site to gain connections, build engagements, and increase brand awareness for your organization.

  • Generating leads

With the vast network that LinkedIn provides, lead generation can be much easier for your enterprise. Since LinkedIn is a more business-centric platform than others, most prospects are more likely to look for products and services that address their pain points in operation. 

You can then identify sales-qualified leads that you can entice into your sales funnel for a possible conversion. LinkedIn also provides contact information of various platform users, which can prove beneficial to your email marketing endeavors.

6 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies a Virtual Assistant Can Help With

LinkedIn can be a daunting platform for beginners. Fortunately, virtual assistants provide the necessary expertise to help you navigate the social network and everything it offers. Let’s discuss ways virtual assistants can help in your LinkedIn content strategy.

  1. Optimize your company page

Company page optimization is crucial in an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy, providing increased visibility within and outside the platform. Enlisting the help of a virtual assistant well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO) processes can help your page rank higher in search engines, leading to increased traffic.

  1. Publish original content consistently

LinkedIn marketing effectively connects your brand with your target audience, extends your reach, and positions your company as a thought leader in your field. Publishing original content allows you to do that and costs 62% less than traditional marketing strategies while generating 3x the leads.

In particular, LinkedIn virtual assistants can help expedite idea generation, which is necessary for consistent original content creation.

  1. Join and engage in groups

Like other networking platforms, LinkedIn also has groups you can join in cultivating a community with the same interests as you. It’s an excellent way to find other professionals in your niche, introduce yourself, and raise awareness for your brand.

With the help of your virtual assistant, it’ll be much easier to find and join groups of the same industry and share similar business philosophies.

  1. Share company updates

Once your business builds up a following, providing timely updates will be crucial. However, it’s also essential that your updates are unique and engaging to your audience. Fortunately, your virtual assistant can take on the responsibility of drafting and even providing innovative ways of sharing updates on your LinkedIn page.

  1. Design your LinkedIn page 

First impressions are integral to drawing an audience’s attention. If you lack design prowess, worry not because virtual assistants can help! On LinkedIn, especially, it’s crucial to have an eye-catching yet organized page.

A virtual assistant can handle the creative aspects of your brand, like designing a high-quality banner and optimizing your layout to help you stand out from competitors.

  1. Filter your leads

You’ll inevitably receive many messages, especially if you have a burgeoning company. When this happens, filtering your leads will be a top priority. With the help of your virtual assistant, you can effectively identify high-potential clients and collaboration opportunities that can help your company grow.

Get Connected with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has built a reputation that makes it the go-to platform for most professionals. It presents excellent opportunities to network with other organizations, let your digital marketing initiatives flourish, and generate leads that can help scale businesses. With its many benefits, you shouldn’t miss to utilize and make the most out of LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for remote professionals to take charge of your LinkedIn marketing strategies, look no further than the virtual assistant company Outsource Access! A top-notch virtual assistant service provider since 2019, Outsource Access aims to redefine how you grow your business by providing quality-staffing services to improve your overall operations.

To learn more about our process, book a call today!

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