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Determining whether to move forward with a new idea takes time, research, and money. As an entrepreneur or small business, how you handle what to go to market with, when, and at what price can mean the difference between having a successful new launch or having it go bust. With the business landscape evolving so […]

This blog post is written to inform you of the signs and symptoms of a serious entrepreneur addiction that is gripping the Nation. Are you or an entrepreneur you know silently suffering from: An inability to delegate – often manifesting as hoarding growing to-do lists, never asking for help An intense need to control everything […]


In today’s digital age, your customers are bombarded with content all day – every day. From the emails they get (piling up in their inboxes), to the social media sponsored ads in their newsfeeds, even to the SMS notifications pushed straight to their mobile devices, it quickly becomes clear that… Content is king. And, if […]

As the entrepreneur, you are the center of your business machine. From closing sales, to bringing in new leads, to managing social media (if you have time), to operating the day-to-day of the business – you are it all. For the most part, this jack of all trades type mentality works well, until it doesn’t […]

As an entrepreneur, a “good” day is when you can get through at least half of your to-do list. With so many moving parts of your business, getting everything done is just part of the battle. When new ideas come along or new business ventures present themselves, you want to be able to cash in […]

As a commercial or residential real estate agent, your value comes from interacting and networking with clients. The more time you can spend out in the field and meeting with prospective buyers and sellers the better able you are to close the deal. That’s why the most innovative real estate agents are leveraging the power […]

If you were to tap into the entrepreneur’s brain, at night, trying to fall asleep, it would likely sound something like this… All the things I didn’t get done today, that needed to be done yesterday, that I probably don’t even have time to do tomorrow, but I have to… Figure out how to get […]

Imagine starting your business and selling it for millions in less than two years. It’s every entrepreneur’s dream, but it was reality for three engineering buddies, Javier, Kevin, and JJ. Just like you, they had a vision, an idea that would make life easier for people. If they could develop it, scale it quickly, then […]

Brad speaks to a room of Atlanta Entrepreneurs about how his Virtual Assistant now manages 80% of his email! Want to learn how to outsource everything in your business? Click here to register for our online masterclass: The Secret Growth Weapons of the Modern Entrepreneur. Full Video Transcription Email, right. I saw this picture […]