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Entrepreneur Burnout: Why You Should Take a Break From Work

Taking up the mantle of an entrepreneur is no easy task. Running a business comes with many different challenges. Most can agree that owning a company is similar to raising a child—it’s a full-time commitment; it goes beyond regular waking hours, and success highly depends on one’s ability to remain focused. 

However, just as staying dedicated is necessary, knowing when to take breaks is just as important. 

As a business owner, it is tempting to continue working even after hours. You can get lost within all the responsibilities and your business’s rigid demands. Such inability to pause can lead to mental fatigue, which can be dangerous in several ways. Apart from compromising company productivity, it can also pose risks to your health and affect your social and personal life.

You can solve this problem by effectively delegating tasks among your team or getting a virtual assistant (VA).  Enlisting the help of a VA help can significantly ease your workload while providing cost-saving benefits. If you feel that you are frequently overworked and your attention is too divided, then it’s probably time to get help and take a break or relax. 

Entrepreneur Burnout: Why You Should Take a Break From Work

Avoid the dangers of burnout; the guide below will discuss five reasons why you need a break. 

Why you should take a break from work

  • To prevent decision fatigue

Business owners have to face tough decisions regularly. Whether it’s dealing with a demanding client or resolving an issue among staff, you must remain rational and provide fair solutions. While this may sound simple, getting into the right frame of mind can be difficult when a person is overburdened. 

Having too much on your plate can significantly wear you down. In fact, studies suggest that decision fatigue can compromise your reasoning ability. Since you are mentally drained, you may unconsciously look for the simplest way out, and the solutions you provide may not be beneficial. 

Learning how to take a step back from time to time is ideal since it resets your brain and enables you to make better choices.  

  • To keep yourself motivated for long-term goals

As the head of your company, you are your own boss. Unlike your team members, who are guided by their team leads, you are the only one responsible for keeping yourself in check. If you want to achieve your long-term goals, you’ll need to learn how to keep yourself motivated.

Sustaining your focus for long periods takes up a lot of energy. Fighting through the fatigue can drain the fun out of your job. If the thought of work already makes you tired, this is a sign that you need a little push. 

Besides watching documentaries, reading books, or listening to podcasts, taking a break from work is an excellent way to keep yourself focused. This will help you re-energize and give you an easier time motivating yourself.  

  • According to research, “Aha! moments” come more often to those who take breaks

Working for long stretches can cause you to build tunnel vision. Since you’re too focused on current tasks and problems, the mental clutter you’re dealing with can make it difficult for fresh ideas to enter.

The good news is that studies have shown that taking short pauses can make a massive difference. Taking a walk or stretching every few hours are simple yet effective ways to stay creative and replenish your mental energy!

  • Leaving your staff in charge empowers them to step up

As the owner of your company, you may feel the urge to stay on top of everything.  Unfortunately, wearing too many hats is a great way to burn yourself out. Instead of handling everything by yourself, a better thing to do would be to trust your employees.

When you go on a break and leave your staff in charge, you give them more growth opportunities. Letting them handle specific responsibilities forces them to step up, which will ultimately improve their competence. This way, it will be much easier for you to take a leave knowing that you have capable personnel handling things for you.  

On the other hand, if you don’t have staff or your team already has their hands full, consider hiring a low-cost virtual assistant. You can hire a VA starting at $4/hour. Your VA can handle your administrative tasks and allow you to prioritize critical aspects of your business.

  • Change of scenery is good for idea development and inspiration

Naturally, every business will go through phases of stagnation. Being stuck in a rut can make anyone feel restless. Forcing yourself out of it will only lead to more frustration. Instead of milking out half-baked ideas, one good way to get back on track is to have a change of scenery.

Following a routine is essential but repeating the same things every day can make you feel like you’re running in circles. Going to the beach, meeting new people, and having some quality time with your loved ones are vital.  It can give you a change of pace or give you the creative spark you need. 

Remember, artists find inspiration in the unlikeliest places, so make it a point to change your environment from time to time. 

Take a breather!

Every entrepreneur wants to attain business success as soon as possible. While working long hours 7 days a week can help you further your organization’s development, this approach is not sustainable. Running your operations consumes a lot of energy, and burning yourself out will do more harm than good.

Keep in mind that attaining entrepreneurial success is like a marathon. Working hard and staying motivated is essential, but you need to learn how to pace yourself. Knowing when to take a step back or outsource to a virtual assistant will help you ease your workload, give you a stronger sense of work-life balance, and ensure organizational continuity at a high level.

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