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Addictive Tools – Penji


Some companies may not have an in-house graphic designer and they opt to freelance. Hence, choosing the perfect freelancer for the job is quite challenging and crucial. Are you having a hard time finding the fitting professional for this important job?

Then worry no more! Penji might have the best talent for you! 

Read on and discover how this tool can help your business.

Addictive Tool Name: Penji

Product Boosting Category: Web and Graphic Design Service Platform


What’s the deal? 

Penji is a professional design service platform that chooses the perfect designer for you. The company works as a bridge for designers worldwide to businesses and individuals that need a specific design for a project. Penji saves you the legwork of finding, hiring, and managing professional graphic designers; it also eradicates the risks of getting overcharged. Penji is an ideal platform for clients who don’t have a freelance or in-house designer. 

This platform works in a very systematic and simplified way. It starts with you uploading a certain project including all the descriptions and expectations on the design. After that, Penji will take it from there; the company will now handle finding and contacting the perfect designer for you! Upon finding the right fit for your desired project, you can communicate with your designer for possible revisions and finalizing the design.

Cost: You can start availing unlimited quality graphic designs with a starting price of $369/month. Click here to check the other lists of prices!

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