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One of the most important aspects of marketing your business is its face value. Hence, choosing the right logo is crucial and needs to be done with finesse. But are you having a hard time finding the perfect designer for this important job?

Then worry no more! 99 Designs might have the best talent for you! 

Read on and discover how this tool can help your business.

Addictive Tool Name: 99 Designs

Product Boosting Category: Web and Graphic Design Service Platform


What’s the deal? 

99designs is a professional design service that uses a design contest marketplace strategy in luring the perfect designer for you. This unique approach connects designers worldwide to businesses and individuals that need a prime design with a vast selection of graphic designs to choose from. Clients get a selection of professionally made graphic designs with total copyright ownership over the chosen design. Professionals who got picked for the final work receive a desirable compensation for it. 99Designs is an ideal platform for clients who don’t have a freelance or in-house designer. 

This platform leverages this unique approach where businesses provide their specifications and needs for graphic design, such as a logo, letterhead, artwork, illustrations, etc., where designers worldwide submit their work. The company gathers international graphic designers who are interested and pit their designs against the other designers and their works; this will then establish rapport with clients, and land contracts and deals. For clients, they have access to a huge selection of exceptional designers, locally and internationally, who have the capacity of providing them with a wide collection of designs that will fit with their company’s goals and overall branding. 

Cost: The price differs depending on your design needs, click here to check the cost per category! 

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