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Addictive Tools – Humantic AI

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The job market is now busier than ever. Recruiters have to screen thousands of resumes to find the best candidate. This can be costly and time consuming. But with the right technology, finding top talent can be a breeze.

Let me tell you of an AI assistant that analyzes people’s personality. It scans public data and provides you with their psychological profile. So you can now ask the right questions and connect with anyone at a much deeper level. Curious to know more?

Check out this week’s Addictive Tool, Humantic AI.

Addictive Tool Name: Humantic AI

Product Boosting Category: AI Assistant for Recruiters and Sales Professionals


What’s the deal?

Humantic AI is an AI assistant that predicts an individual’s unique personality. It gives recruiters and sales professionals a comprehensive profile analysis. You can now get a hint of your candidate’s personality minus the fuss.

The tool allows candidate shortlisting easier and more efficient. And no need to guess on how to approach people. Your questions can now be tailor-made to each job seeker or prospect. It helps recruiters source the best talent and sales professionals increase their conversion rates.

And emails? Humantic can write them for you! It provides AI-authored emails based on the recipient’s character. It’s like having your very own personal AI assistant!

Humantic AI is also fairly easy to use. Just download the chrome extension and it’ll give you anyone’s psychological profile. The tool can scan publicly available data from resumes, LinkedIn profile, Gmail, and with many more on the way! It takes about 5 or more seconds to load. But once there, it gives you loads of insight. You now have a good idea of how and where you want your conversations to go.

Try your prospects’ Humantic profile today and be amazed!


Using Humantic AI for the first 21 days is free with no credit card required. After that, the Starter package is as low as $9 per month (billed annually) or $12 for a monthly payment. Both options give you access to 50 profiles per month.

There’s also the Pro package with 200 profiles per month at $24/month (billed annually) or $30 on a per month basis.

For business organizations, Standard price is at $750/month (billed annually) with 200 profiles at 5 users. The monthly rate for this option is at $1000.

Head on to their website to know more details on Pricing.

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