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Learning is lifelong; a necessity for the successful entrepreneur. A large portion of learning comes from reading nonfiction. Many iconic businessmen and women have made a point to read as much as they can, and you, too, certainly understand the myriad potential benefits of reading nonfiction. But let’s face it — in our busy schedules, how much time have we really got to spare? The average reader takes 4-6 hours to complete a 200-page book, and we often cannot afford to set such periods of time aside from your daily priorities.

This week’s featured addictive tool, Blinkist, offers a most welcome solution. It does this by bringing us nonfiction in summary form: short, sweet, bite-sized reads that it calls “blinks”.

Addictive Tool Name: Blinkist

Product Boosting Category: Book Summary Service


What’s the deal?

Blinkist is a book summary service that offers “blinks” — quick and easy nonfiction summaries that are designed to be read in roughly 15 minutes. The Blinkist team reads the books themselves, taking their crucial insights and points and presenting them to you through the service in user-friendly app and website interfaces.

It is most likely that you will use Blinkist on your smartphone. The app has a sleek, minimalist design that makes for easy navigation and distraction-free reading. You can search for books by author or title, or allow the app to suggest titles for you. There are also curated lists on various topics to browse through, to make it easier to select a book appropriate to your learning desire; the app also gives you blinks that are currently trending.

One of the features that make Blinkist stand out from other similar services is the option to listen to audio summaries, perfect for those in-between times — short commutes, meals at work,  waiting in queues, and the like.

Other features include downloadable content for offline viewing, synchronising highlighted text to Evernote, and the ability to send blinks to your Kindle.


Arguably, Blinkist’s most attractive feature is its pricing. A subscription costs $14.99 a month. In comparison, a coffee a day would cost more. It gets better: this price is halved when billed annually; yes, that’s a 50% discount! This gives you unlimited access to over 3000 titles, and Blinkist adds about 40 new book summaries every month.

Blinkist also offers a free 7-day trial of its premium services. There is a free subscription, too, but this only gives you access to one blink — of their choice — a day.

Pop over to the Blinkist website to bolster your learning with wisdom and insight from the best nonfiction books around the world!

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