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Addictive Tools – CoSchedule


Are you tired of having your marketing process and schedules all over the place? Do you want to have an all in one dashboard where you can manage all your marketing? Then you are in luck!

Today, we are going to discover an amazing tool that can help you if you have the same concerns. This tool is specially created for your marketers just like! Curious? 

Then read on and learn more about this amazing tool called CoSchedule! You might not know but this is the tool that you might need in order to become a more effective business-owner and marketer. 

Addictive Tool Name: CoSchedule

Product Boosting Category: Work Management Software


What’s the deal?

CoSchedule is a work management software that has 3 main products which are blog calendar, the marketing calendar, and marketing suit.

The blog calendar organizes your social media and blog schedules. It can automate your social schedule and you can use it to schedule your posts in bulk. This also works well and integrates with WordPress. 

For the marketing calendar, it can help you get a bird’s eye view of your marketing timeline and strategy through full-scale social media management. You can also outline your projects and move them around your calendar as you see fit.

Lastly, the marketing suit is a group of different agile marketing products that can help you and your team to coordinate in projects and processes. The suit can help you manage marketing requests, automate workflow, store files, and track your team’s progress.

So what are you waiting for? Check out CoSchedule now!

Cost: You can start using the blog calendar at $15 per user/month. The marketing calendar can be used starting at $30 per user/month. And if you want the marketing suite you can contact their sales team.

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