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What do your customers look at first when they want to get to know you and your company better? Most of the time do look at your website first, right? 

So it is only safe to say that your website acts as a gateway for your visitors to become leads and eventually become customers. This is why it is very important to have a well-built website in order to facilitate this conversion. 

If you are using WordPress for your website then you are in luck since today we are going to discuss Thrive Themes that can help you build and maintain high-converting WordPress sites.

So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Addictive Tool Name: Thrive Themes

Product Boosting Category: WordPress Themes & Plugins


What’s the deal?

Thrive Themes is a tool that allows you to use WordPress themes and plugins in order to facilitate a high conversion rate that will enable you to convert your website visitors to customers.

Among their tools is their Thrive Theme Builder that can help you create and maintain your website which is easy to use since it is a drag and drop builder. They also have Thrive leads which can help you create various types of opt-in form to help you grow your mailing list. You can also use their Thrive Quiz Builder in order to boost engagement in your websites through quizzes.

Awesome right? But these are only some of their tools and they have so much more to offer. So check out Thrive Themes now!

Cost: You can become a Thrive Member at $19/mo which paid annually to get instant access to all their plugins and themes.

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