VAB Process - Outsource Access

Outsource Access has the most thorough, proven process to identify, train and source highly talented, affordable offshore Virtual Assistants in the Philippines to change the game for entrepreneurs, busy professionals and small to medium business owners.


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How We Identify and Retain the Best VA’s in the Market

Recruitment and Vetting

We have a full recruitment team on-site in the Philippines to identify ideal Virtual Assistants who meet our criteria. Outsource Access has a reputation that attracts the best talent in the market via multiple sourcing channels and networks to maintain an active pool when Clients are ready to engage.

Candidates submit resumes, cover letters and credentials to our Recruitment Managers

  • Testing- Candidates must pass and meet specific criteria with a series of assessment including:
    • Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
    • Emotional Intelligence for Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Self-Management, and Relationship Management
    • Personality Profiling
    • English Grammar and Listening Proficiency
    • Competency in Key VA Knowledge and Skill Requirements
    • Typing Speed and Accuracy
    • Project Management Assessment
  • Live Projects- Candidates must complete multiple test assignments over a range of creative and technical skills to evaluate proactive thinking, speed of understanding and level of adaptability to tools and technology
  • Interviews- Candidates must prepare for and pass one-on-one interviews and evaluations by 4 members of our team as a final confirmation of ability

Our Signature Virtual Assistant Bootcamp

Once a candidate passes our recruitment and vetting process, they enter into our VA Bootcamp where we get them prepared for onboarding when a new Client is engaged that we feel is a match for the VA. During the bootcamp we cover:

  • General Communications Training
  • Effective Feedback Training
  • Technical Tasks and Tools Training

Process to Match Clients with an Ideal Virtual Assistant

Every Client is unique so we perform a detailed assessment to determine where a VA can take over tasks and functions that are critical to free up your time so that you can focus on your highest return activities. We ensure your new VA is a match and fit for your industry, requirements and personality.

Signature Client Assessment Process

We have a proven audit to get full clarity on:

  • What low-value, current activities are consuming your time
  • What higher-value tasks are on the “radar” that you want to be engaging and how a VA can accelerate those initiatives
  • What tasks are most critical for moving your business forward
  • What specialized tasks are you currently paying for where we can provide more affordable, high-quality solutions

Rigorous Candidate Selection Process

  • Based on your unique needs, we identify candidates best qualified to be your ideal Virtual Assistant
  • We conduct a client briefing and internal interview to determine interest match with the best-fit VA candidates
  • We select the top candidate for your specific needs and arrange an interview
  • Upon selection of your VA, we finalize engagement terms and determine a start date

Client Training

  • From our experience, this is a crucial element for success and Clients appreciate we provide this for them
  • We provide a brief video training for Clients based on best practices for communicating and managing their VA

Onboarding & Deployment

  • VA collaborates with Client to agree on final working schedule and  preferred communications tools for email, instant messaging and video conferencing
  • We work with you to identify the top 3-4 tasks your VA can begin rapidly that will have the highest impact and map a specific 90-day plan
  • You and your VA work together daily to accomplish your outlined goals. 
  • We provide Outsource Access assistance whenever you need us. You will have a dedicated account manager that will work with you if your needs should change.

Ongoing Support and Talent Development of your VA

  • Outsource Access creates an incredible culture of support and ongoing development for your VA
  • We hold weekly training sessions to introduce the latest tools and techniques to your VA with practical application
  • We invest in speakers, group outings, holiday parties, training dinners and overall provide an unmatched working experience for your VA to ensure retention and ongoing personal and professional development

We have regular education and appreciation dinners for our team.
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