Culture Corner April 2021 - Outsource Access
Culture Corner

Welcome to another edition of the Culture Corner, where we give you an inside peek at what we do beyond the daily operations.

As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, we figured this is the best time to share with you the 5 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that we strongly advocate. Good Health and Well-Being, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Life on Land and Climate Action. We always look back on these goals to guide us with our decision-making. We always ask ourselves, how/who this will impact and how this can make a difference.

Take a look at this edition of Culture Corner as we share how we commit to our Social Responsibility by consciously choosing activities that will impact lives.

See Brief Video Below of the Experience!

Tree Planting

Earlier this month, our Management Team, HR personnel, and some of our Virtual Assistants honored their social obligation by giving back to nature through a Tree Planting activity. This activity aims to create social awareness of climate change and inspire the community to take action.

Improving Telecommunications Systems
Improving Telecommunications Systems

Improving Telecommunications Systems

The pandemic has certainly had a silver lining for some, and we can certainly say that this applies to the Telecommunications System in the Philippines. The pandemic pushed every citizen – professionals and students alike – to go virtual. Realizing how this affected the speed and stability of the internet connection all over the country, the Philippines Government and the giants of the Telecommunications Industry are now working together to create a more robust and resilient connection. 

The third-largest telecommunications company called DITO is set to offer its services nationwide in the second quarter “after it passed the technical audit showing its network prowess with fast broadband speed.

During the Telco CXO Series: Establishing a Robust System Powered by a Resilient Telecoms Network last March 23, 2021. They featured a talk entitled “Globe Heading its Way to a Resilient Digital Ecosystem”. This will be made possible with what they call “2021 Network Upgrades Three-Pronged Strategy to build a resilient digital ecosystem” (1) accelerate cell site builds, (2) equip sites with 4G LTE, and (3) fast track fiber to the home. True enough, they have now established express routes from Luzon to Cebu and Cagayan de Oro where Outsource Access is located. Great news for both employees and clients as this will improve our services and open more opportunities. Talking about Sustainable Development Goals! 🙂 

Automate & Delegate Podcast with Rich Mulholland

Automate & Delegate Podcast with Rich Mulholland

In this episode of A&D, Rich Mulholland shares how he conquered the greatest challenges he faced when scaling his business – namely lazy, bored and comfortable. This episode is full of tips on how you can do things efficiently using the right tools. You wouldn’t want to miss this!






VA Speaks

VA Speaks

We have always prided ourselves on our hiring process. The way we see it, attitude is as important as skills, so when we see individuals who are aligned to what we believe in, we grab them and treasure them. Meet Jhulien, an Environmental Advocate and a Virtual Assistant by choice. 


“One positive impact of being a VA is to help reduce our carbon footprint. Our work omits the necessity of using paper products and fuel from transportation as majority of our tasks can be done remotely on our computers. By minimizing our carbon footprint, we not only lessen the number of greenhouse gases we make on a daily basis, but we also invest in a future of both financial security and environmental safety. “ -Jhulien

Virtual Success Magazine

Introducing the first edition of our own Virtual Success Magazine! We celebrate the lives and stories of our staff and share throughout the Philippines to coffee shops, universities, and more to share the OA opportunity and how to join our company

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