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Addictive Tools – Really Good Emails


Have you ever had this happen?

You sit down to write an email and then suddenly you have no idea what to write. You know what you want to say, but just struggle with how to say it.

We ran into that problem more than a few times and went on a quest to fix it. With a few google searches and a couple of cups of coffee later we stumbled on this absolute life (and time saver)!

Check out…

Addictive Tool Name: Really Good Emails

Product Boosting Category: Email Creation


What’s the deal?

Whenever you need inspiration for an eye-catching email design, or could use some examples of great email content for your next marketing campaign – Really Good Emails has you covered. With a growing database of actual emails companies across the world are using, you get an instant (and free) inside scoop into the kind of copy that sells. Plus, they have a Resources section full of great info from how to add customized HTML code to emails to what subject lines have the best open rates.

How much does it cost?

To view emails that users have submitted, that’s free. To grab some of the resources, the cost varies.

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