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Are you having a hard time focusing on your tasks? Are easily distracted? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. Losing focus is one of the main issues that many business owners are struggling with. It might be you are overwhelmed due to a large number of pending tasks and you do not know which one to do first.

Time is money and as a business owner, you should start using yours wisely. If you want to begin to efficiently manage your time and become more productive then you need to check out the Focus Booster App now!

Addictive Tool Name:  Focus Booster

Product Boosting Category: Time Management Application


What’s the deal?

Focus Booster is a time management app that can help you focus on your tasks at hand and do it in the most efficient of ways by dividing your time appropriately.

This app is a Pomodoro timer which follows the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique uses a timer to divide your work into intervals which are separated by breaks. Aside from being a Pomodoro timer, this app has also a time tracking feature which produces timesheets automatically. You can also check at the end of your day which tasks you have accomplished and how much time you spent on them through its dashboard and reports. These features can really help you stay focused and fresh for your next tasks!

So what are you waiting for? Start working smarter and not harder by using the Focus Booster App now!

Cost: At the cost of $4.99/month which is their professional plan, you can explore the app to its full capabilities. However, if you want to get a feel of the app first before purchasing, then you can sign up for a free account.

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