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Addictive Tools – Asana


Are you tired of having projects and proposal ideas scattered all around the place? Are you and your team members having a hard time tracking and making progress? If you are stuck in that messy place then Asana is the perfect tool for you!

Asana is a popular project management software. With features that will let you access tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards efficiently, Asana assists teams to finish work from start until the end. 

So stay on top of things and check out Asana now!

Addictive Tool Name: Asana

Product Boosting Category: Web-Based List-Making Collaboration tool


What’s the deal? 

The main features of Asana are its enabling capacity to make a thorough list of tasks, share details on actions within the team, and set deadlines for the whole project. This gives everybody the reminder and a heads up with the tasks assigned to them and helps the team to work in one common pace and ground. Planning out a project in this structure allows possible risks and delays to be spotted ahead on and helps the project to flow smoothly as constructively as possible.

Asana can help replace the flooding of emails, documents, and excel files with a far simplified and effective solution that has everything you need in one platform. This tool can be used to track the day to day tasks as well as monitor the overall goals and progress of the project as a whole.

Cost: You can start using Asana for $10.99 per month!

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