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3 Ways a VA Can Help Your Small Business During COVID-19

Any entrepreneur is capable of great things that can lead them to success. With continuous effort and proper discipline, you can bring your business up to new heights. But when repetitive and daily tasks pile up, it will take a lot of time for you to clear them up, forcing you to shift your focus away from the main priorities of your business.

When your small but tedious tasks seem endless, your productivity may suffer. As discussed in our podcast, these tasks may even keep you from achieving your company’s vision and slow down its growth. As a result, scaling your business becomes a bigger challenge when this issue is left unresolved.

When the COVID-19 outbreak began in 2020, you may have experienced that adapting to the “new normal” was not an easy feat. Businesses all over the globe were forced to shift to a virtual workspace and complete tasks from remote locations. For many employers and employees, adjusting came as a challenge because of the traditional working methods they were used to.

Entrepreneurs, most especially, found this difficult because of the restrictions placed on everyone. After a year, these restrictions have made it more essential for businesses and entrepreneurs to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) because not only did this free up their time to focus on core tasks, but it also allowed them to oversee other projects.

There are several other benefits to hiring a VA that can help your small business survive this global pandemic, and here’s why.

VAs can keep your business moving, even in the face of staff reductions

Having a virtual assistant for your small business is like having multiple employees in one. They can be your bookkeeper, coordinator, project manager, researcher, and more. VAs are generally skilled in several different fields, helping you manage your time more efficiently and effectively.

The best part is that they are easy to find and can balance your business in the face of staff reductions.

Virtual assistants help you manage your time better by taking away all the small and tedious tasks from you. Because of this, they are considered a valuable asset to your team, especially when hiring new employees not only takes up so much time but is also challenging amidst the pandemic.

Leveraging VAs also grants you the opportunity to focus on essential activities that will translate into faster development and growth for your business.

VAs can help reduce your operating costs during these challenging times

Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to spend less on operating costs because they generally work from home. This means that even before offering them a position for your business, they are already equipped with the basic tools that will allow them to complete the tasks you give them.

As a result, all necessary equipment such as office space, desk provisions, computers, and so on don’t have to be provided by you, saving you and your business resources that can be allocated to something else.

Apart from expenses on equipment and materials, you also don’t need to pay any additional taxes as VAs are usually hired as independent contractors. You also won’t have to pay for other employee benefits that a regular employee is entitled to when signing a contract, making them more cost-efficient.

VAs offer multiple skill sets to the table when you’re short on talent

As mentioned before, virtual assistants can be talented in many fields. These employees are flexible and can help you manage and delegate tasks that range in complexity. Apart from that, they also ensure that your business keeps moving even when you’re not around to handle certain tasks.

A VA’s workload can range from administrative and data entry to management tasks, ensuring that your whole team is on the same page at any given time. Even during these tough situations, you can still expect the same quality of work because they are already used to working from a remote area.

Make smart decisions from the comfort of your home

Adjusting to the new normal that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us has been a real challenge, to say the least. Despite living in the digital age, many businesses still struggled to shift their daily operations to online platforms. Entrepreneurs were especially hit hard when travel was banned and community restrictions were put in place. 

You may find that even after a year, the pandemic continues to hinder the growth of your business. As a result, your productivity may be dwindling and causing you to lose more resources in the process.

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