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Addictive Tools – Zapier

As a leader, one of your responsibilities is to keep track of day to day activities and progress of a task. This could involve communication between people, which means an endless string of chats, checking of inboxes, project management platforms, and apps or software that needs updating. So, there’s chatting, emailing, updating different platforms, waiting for replies, the list is endless, just to track and progress a single task. Time consuming? Yes. Tedious? Yes. Above all, it’s exhausting! So many things to update, too much data entry for a single task is a complete waste of time. There’s more to your job than just inputting data, uploading file after file, manually sending updates to people and platforms. This week’s addictive tools series spotlight is on Zapier, an automation tool that allows you to integrate over 2,000 apps with it so that you no longer need to do manual work for every single task! 

Addictive Tool Name: Zapier

Product Boosting Category: Project and Task Management Solutions


 What’s the deal?

 Zapier is a workflow automation platform, that allows you to automate repetitive and routine tasks so you can focus on tasks that matter. Zapier has “Zaps” which is the set workflow. Each Zap has a task. When set up correctly, starting with a trigger, such as receiving an email from a lead, that prompts Zapier to do a task, according to however you set it up. So, when your Zap has been set up to work in a way that as soon an email is received, you tell Zapier what to do next. Once that is completed, that’s a task completed. And when that task is completed, you again set it up to do what’s next, should it upload the contacts to your contacts list, should the contact be sent an auto email. Watch Zapier do all the magic for you. So, in a nutshell, Zapier perfectly does all your routine work without you having to do the manual work and wait for a task to be completed before you can actually move on to the next task. New inquiry from Facebook? Set up a Zap and allow it to take the next action. What’s next? Should the inquiry get an immediate auto response? You decide. Click here to check out their demo and FAQs, we got so excited watching it!


The best thing about Zapier? You can start off with it free of charge, no credit card required! Just like any other app, if you want added features, their pricing varies, depending on the number of “zaps” (or workflows) and “tasks” you want to do in a month. With the free plan, you get up to 100 tasks per month and 5 zaps. If you want to increase your number of zaps and tasks per month, Zapier starts at $19.99/month (billed annually) or $24.99, (for a month on month payment). This plan allows you to create up to 750 tasks and 20 zaps per month.

Hop on to their website to see detailed pricing and how you and your team (or your entire company) can create up to a whopping 100,000 tasks per month and unlimited zaps! Wow!

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