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Addictive Tools – SEMRush

Digital Marketing has evolved in so many different forms. But, no matter what avenue of digital marketing, may it be E-commerce, or a niche based type of digital marketing, the need to stay on top of your game and understand your competitor’s strategies remain the same. Most of today’s entrepreneurs promote and market their business through websites and social social media; through effective content, ads, SEO ranking, etc. See, there’s SEO management, content management, ads/campaign creation, launching and management. So many things to do with so many different tools for each function! But, that’s all about to change because of this week’s addictive tool-SEMRush! With SEMRush, you can run your SEO audits, create ads in Social Media while keeping a very close eye on your competitor’s marketing strategies. 

Addictive Tool Name: SEMRush

Product Boosting Category: Digital Marketing Tools


What’s the deal?

SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing tool kit that’s great for a digital marketing all rounder. It has functions for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Market research and content marketing. SEMRush allows you to do a technical SEO analysis on any website and at the same time, also analyze your competitor’s data, marketing strategies from different angles, select keywords from literally millions of keywords out there! Not only does it allow you to check on your competitor’s SEO and marketing strategy, it also gains you access to your competitor’s ads, landing pages, and analyze your competitor’s successful campaigns. As for social media, you can create and manage ads on Facebook and Instagram and even create and launch Facebook advertising campaigns. Not only that, SEMRush gives you access to the most up to date and effective tailored templates for website content that’s SEO friendly, optimize your content and audit/edit in real time. We recommend checking their features page for a full understanding of their endless list of benefits!


SEMRush has three plans you can choose from, Pro, Guru and Business. We were blown away that you can try each of their premium plans free of charge for a limited time. Their most basic plan of Pro is at $99/month and is ideal for freelancers, single users and in-house marketing analysts. Their pro plan allows you to gain access to your competitor’s traffic source, social media rankings and strategies. The Guru plan is at $199/month and comes with all the Pro features plus a lot more like, content marketing platform, historical data and extended limits. SEMRush has a Business plan which comes with all the Guru features and so much for your business. An enterprise plan is also available and fly customizable. Take a look at their pricing!

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