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We’re pretty sure that just like any other entrepreneur, your days can also get swamped with meeting after meeting. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a startup or a large scale business, meetings are needless to say, an important way to strategize and talk about decisions that matter. 

But, the most challenging part of the meeting is organizing it. Especially when there are multiple participants in different timezones. Asking for everyone’s availability and taking into consideration their time zones can sometimes get very hectic and taxing. Sure, there are tons of online time conversion apps, but there must be an easier way to schedule a meeting, without having to wait for everyone’s responses on their availability and converting all of the participants’ timezones to match with yours.

The spotlight for this week’s addictive tools series is on Doodle. An app that promises to make meeting scheduling a breeze, with just a few clicks here and there. Say bye bye to sending individual emails to all participants, having to wait for responses from each one, converting time zones and finding a common time availability for all. Read on to find out how this tool can be your next meeting scheduling ally!

Addictive Tool Name: Doodle

Product Boosting Category: Calandar and scheduling


What’s the deal?

Doodle is a meeting scheduling app that can be integrated to any calendar such as Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook, and because it is integrated with any calendar, you are assured to avoid double booking of time slots. With Doodle, you don’t need to send out availability emails to every participant, and puts a stop to waste of time and forth and back emails. 

It auto identifies participants’ different time zones, so there is no need to look for time conversion apps and no confusion as to what time the meeting is. As opposed to sifting through all participant emails, scouring for their availability, you get a clearer and easier visibility as to everyone’s availability by viewing the Doodle Dashboard. This is so automated! The Doodle dashboard makes schedule coordination so much easier.

Doodle allows you to set reminders, which you can enable or disable. You can even broadcast schedule changes, updates on meeting links, etc in just a few clicks on their Dashboard!

Doodle is a secure, automated and easy way to coordinate meeting times, interview schedules without having to go through tons of emails! Not only can it be used in your organisation’s internal meetings, it can also make your talent selection team’s lives easier. Saves you time, effort and rakes all the top talent because arranging for an interview has become a breeze, o more confusion in recruiter and talent availability!


Doodle starts you off with a free 14-day trial with no credit card required to sign up. After that, it costs $30.00/month for five users. Great to share with your team! And, if you wish to share it with your entire organization, a fully customizable enterprise plan is also available. Just head on to their website for a full list of FAQs, pricing and contact details!

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