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As a business owner, it is important to know if your products and services are delivered and impacting your customers in a way that you planned it to be. Hence, surveys and feedback is an effective way of reaching out to your clients to know their thoughts and experiences with your products and services. 

With that, I introduce you to Typeform! The perfect tool to help you with your online form building and online survey needs.

Read on and discover how this tool can help your business.

Addictive Tool Name: Typeform

Product Boosting Category: Cloud-Based Survey Management Solution


What’s the deal? 

Typeform is a professional online program that creates flexible customized forms for different situations. Things like quizzes, contests, forms, product feedback, business surveys, test, and payment forms are all possible with this tool. It features survey design, where users can design make their own surveys using a drag-and-drop interface. The templates include different types of questions, such as short-text answers, picture selections, multiple-choice questions, and drop-down menus. Users can also add photos and videos to each question of their own creative liking.

Users can attach the surveys on on-site pop-ups and push notifications. This tool also offers reporting and dashboards, which allow users to track performance metrics such as responses, unique visits, and survey completion status. Users can also track survey responses in real-time. The product also offers collaboration, which allows users to create tasks for surveys, assign them to people, and share the survey findings.

Sounds interesting, right? So what are you waiting for, check them out!

Cost: You can start using the Basic version for free! However, to maximize the rest of their exciting and helpful features, click here to check their monthly rates. 

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