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As a business owner, email marketing is one of the best ways to lure customers and traffic to your website. Aside from that, it shouldn’t just about drawing traffic and customers to visit your site but also to retain and ultimately engage them in your business.

With that, I introduce you to ActiveCampaign! The perfect tool to help you automate your site’s growth effectively.

Read on and discover how this tool can help your business.

Addictive Tool Name: ActiveCampaign

Product Boosting Category: Email Marketing Services


What’s the deal? 

ActiveCampaign is a professional email marketing services platform that can help you with building your business a strong email list and getting new contacts. This tool provides great value to its users at any stage of your company’s business lifecycle. As a multi-purpose marketing tool, their email and messaging features are user-friendly along with built-in CRM and sales automation tools. This complexity in design and system enables a unique marketing workflow while time tracking behavior multiple marketing channels.

ActiveCampaign is built to help users automate marketing and sales processes. The general features that they provide are as follows: Marketing Automation, Lead & Contact Scoring, Split Actions, and Attribution. For marketing automation, ActiveCampaign’s intelligence-driven automation lets users start off campaigns and update contact data. It also records every interaction so that you can keep tabs on lead behaviors and their actions taken. Lead and contact scoring is where you make the ideal lead profile and adjust lead scores. Moreover, ActiveCampaign frequently updates a list of your top-performing leads so their sales team is focused on the best lead. The split actions enable you to split test the email campaigns used in automated workflows. Hence, you will be able to optimize your business. Lastly, the attribution leverage conversion and source information to develop unique experiences for contacts, trigger automation, and more.

Sounds interesting, right? So what are you waiting for, check them out!

Cost: You can start availing the Lite version for as low as $9.00/month! And for the rest of their other exciting monthly rates, click here to check.

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