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As a business owner, it is important to keep a deep and precise track of your company’s position in the market. Hence, having an automated tool in providing you all the important insights and report that you need to know about your company is crucial for your business and also for your site’s growth. 

With that, I introduce you to Kissmetrics! The perfect tool to help you determine, monitor, and enhance the metrics and other elements significant to the success of your business.

Read on and discover how this tool can help your business.

Addictive Tool Name: KISSmetrics

Product Boosting Category: Web Analytics Solution Tool


What’s the deal? 

KISSmetrics is a professional web analytics tool with a determining feature of showing intelligence associated with each client, with real-time monitoring of users who visit the website, compiling information on searches, behavior, and the conversion funnel. With all the information gathered and used into actionable insights, KISSmetrics will then help you create marketing strategies and improve current marketing practices, but with its advanced customer tracking & analyzing capacity, you will also get to use it as your advanced conversion rate optimizer.

KISSmetrics is a people-centered system designed for data tracking, and probably one the most capable of providing users deep insights and accuracy on the business’ standing on the market. It compares vital metrics and automates updates so that all users will understand their progress towards the company’s goals, and what are their customers’ specific needs and expectation from the business. With deep tracking, users can get great insights from a customer at the deepest levels, enabling users to understand their customers better, even before they decide to make the purchase. On top of that, KISSmetrics stores information of all customers who have at least once been associated with your services. And that’s what Kissmetrics do to enhance your lead generation processes.

Cost: You can start using the Silver plan for $299/month! Moreover, to maximize the rest of their exciting and helpful features, click here for Ecommerce pricing and click here for Saas pricing. 

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