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Addictive Tools – Optimove


Understanding what upsets customers is crucial to the success of any business.

Many companies are aware of this (even we are) and collect customer data toward the end. A good understanding of customers can lead to improved business and marketing strategies, In turn, this leads to refined customer experiences, greater customer retention, and superior products or services!

Achieving this requires specialized data analysis. In today’s hyper communicative world, it is difficult for a business to make its voice heard in a significant and engaging manner. If you’re thinking, “But wait, I use a variety of marketing communications,” well, so does every man and his dog in the business world.

This week, our addictive tools series takes a look at Optimove, an Israel-based company that takes data science and puts it to work for you, enabling you to make sense of the customer data you collect and turn it into revenue by creating engaging and personalized customer communications.

Addictive Tool Name: Optimove

Product Boosting Category: Campaign Management Solutions / Customer Relations Management


What’s the deal?

Optimove takes customer data collected by a company and analyzes it using its very own algorithms, turning it into knowledge. Really smart! This knowledge is then paired with artificial intelligence to manage personalized smart marketing campaigns targeted at every single customer, on a one-to-one basis.

I am constantly trying to make the most of my existing customer base by improving retention and lengthening loyalty. This is exactly what Optimove’s services offer! Optimove likes to use the phrase “emotionally intelligent” to describe its software in its ability to model and predict customer behavior. Optimove then utilizes various automated communication channels such as email, SMS, Facebook ads, and push notifications, to engage each individual customer in a personal, compelling manner that is best suited to their personality. I know that I am more prone to respond to a message that personally tickles my fancy, rather than a broad-spectrum “come one, come all”.


Optimove’s services begin at $4000 a month. Pricing depends on the number of customer segments and the number of customers in a company’s database. This includes training to make the most of Optimove’s services and features, and live 24/7 support!

Head over to their website for more details on pricing. See how your business can take customer interaction and engagement up several notches by making use of the unique features that Optimove provides!

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