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Infographics has become one of the trendiest ways to promote your business and make that sales pitch, without having to create a long and boring document with only plain-looking bullet points. Why not create graphic visuals with all the data and information to represent your business? That should send a quicker yet clearer message to your customers. Infographics help capture the attention of your audience and still get to present information by allowing them to see patterns and trends through interesting images. With today’s restrictions on face-to-face meetings to present your data, Venngage can not only create the data-rich infographics but can help tell an interesting story through a unique way of presenting data.

Addictive Tool Name: Venngage

Product Boosting Category: Data Management and Presentation Solutions

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What’s the deal?

Tired of getting low traffic on your website or social media? Convert more visits with compelling and attention catching visuals from your data-driven results. Venngage allows you to tell your story with infographics, presentations, reports and social media visualizations. Their customizable templates make it easier for you to use without needing the help from a graphic or visual artist! Not only does this automate your workflow, it also gives you a sense of independence! It’s web based, so there is no need to install anything. In as easy as 3 simple steps you can already create your infographics. Fire it up by choosing a template from the 100++ templates of charts and visuals.

Stand out and create eye catching infographics and data visualizations even with your complex data on hand as Venngage offers a wide range of available templates from Infographics, timeline infographics, process infographics, proposals and a lot more! Data presentation has never been this fun and colorful

Here’s a Gallery of their templates that have cool and exciting visuals for data infographics!


They have three easy plans to choose from:

Student, Premium and Business, with Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly payment options to choose from.

The student Plan comes free but can only access 5 infographics & templates. The Premium Plan starts off at $19/month with access to its Premium templates. If you choose to pay quarterly, you only pay $51 for 3 months! That’s a whopping 14% savings and $192 yearly which gives you 17% savings from the original monthly fee.

The Business Plan, is possibly the best for heavy data report users, is highly recommended because you’ll have access to all of its Premium templates, icons and charts. It can also save a lot more on cost at $39 per month and is billed annually.

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