Testimonials 3 - Outsource Access

Kind Words From Our Clients

What I like most about Outsource Access is the structure it required. Each of us tend to do things differently, now that we have a VA, it required us to be more organized and structured. -Andrea Anderson, SSV

My favorite part of working with Outsource Access is, that it is easy. It does not complicate my life , it does not complicate my operations because I know that the team I interact with has support in the backend and If I ever have a problem, I know that it will be dealt with promptly. -Andrew Mellen

What makes Outsource Access different from other firms is the Structure. We have a team working for us and behind that team are team leads who have a variety of skillset that can be anything from Marketing, Designing to Data Management to Salesforce and other CRMs which is really important for us because our business is pretty nimble and quite flexible.
- Everett Sands, Lendistry

I am impressed with Outsource Access onboarding process, how the candidates went through multiple assessment and how qualified the candidates were when they reached to me. Our VA is trained and they continue to get training because they like getting the skill but also I like how they can tap each other and support each other, that really impressed me. - Kym Pomares

My personal experience has been amazing. I appreciate the Bi-Weekly check ins because to me, it shows that Outsource Access really invested to making sure that the service they agreed to deliver is exactly what is being delivered. - Paula Rogers

- Tina Lanquita