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Addictive Tools – Jotbox


How many sticky notes, paper notes, and random notes do you have to juggle everyday?

When you’re inspired by a thought or remember something to add to your to-do list, having a pencil and paper handy can be hard to come by.

When we came across this easy (and mobile) note taking tool, we had to share it with you.


Addictive Tool Name: Jotbox

Product Boosting Category: Note Taking


What’s the deal?

Jotbox is a simple way to quickly capture and idea or a note and send it directly to your email. It’s the easiest on-the-go note taking tool on the market. Just open the Jotbox app, start typing a note to yourself, add a picture, and hit the send button. You can even talk to text and dictate a note in less than a minute.

What’s the mobile story?

The Jotbox app is available for Apple iPhones.

What are the integrations?

Quickly send and add notes to your Evernote account.

How much does it cost?

$0.99, download the app here.

When you download the Jotbox app, send us a quick note or share your experience with this addictive tool with us on Facebook. Happy note taking 🙂

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