Thankster-Touchbase - Outsource Access

Hey there!

We’re so happy that you’re a part of the Outsource Access Client Family!

We are confident that you and your VA have a solid work relationship to get things going for your business. So, we thought that we’d do a quick touch base with you to update on how Outsource Access supports your VAs.

We know that work can be exhausting, so Outsource Access is making sure that it’s doing all it can to show support to our virtual assistants.

To make sure that our VAs are always pumped to work with you, here’s what we do to keep their morale and motivation high, and their team spirit on fire!:

  • Monthly webinars on professional skills and personal improvement (Social media, graphic design, caring for your mental health, project management training programs, etc)
  • A competitive compensation package released on time every pay period for all VAs
  • Engagement activities such “Happy Hour” or online games night. This is done outside of their shift and allows the VAs to get together, interact and have fun playing online games with the entire Outsource Access Team without having to talk about work. Everyone needs a break sometimes!
  • A dedicated team lead for each team of which your VA belongs to, this way they immediately get the help they need in cases of day to day challenges such as access to tools, etc.
  • Regular recognition for VAs who receive consistent commendations from their clients Monthly physical meetings so the VAs can get to know each other in person, this gives them a feeling of belongingness and pride that they work with the Outsource Access Family! (This has been put on pause now due to strict current health protocols, but will resume once the restrictions have been lifted)

If there is anything else you need or if you would like to share some feedback, please send an email to:

We look forward to hearing from you!