EO Nashville Redefining How Work Gets Done - Outsource Access

Virtual Event Recording by Brad Stevens

Redefining How Work Gets Done:

Reposition and Future-Proof with Outsourcing, Virtual Assistants and Easy Tech Tools

Includes A List of 125+ Product/Service Growth Opps from CV19

Key topics we'll cover:

  • Why on-demand, highly affordable global virtual talent is becoming a new standard for small and medium businesses to scale
  • Effectively integrating outsourced virtual staff with existing employees
  • Multiple studies across marketing, sales, operations, finance and personal tasks for top leaders
  • Organizational systems, communication tools, and protocols to manage virtual teams.
  • The best platforms for talent and how to vet for competency, quality and communication
  • Future-proofing for the next crisis –  key insights on culture, communication and management Brad learned from growing a virtual team to over 100 in less than a year
  • Bonus: CV19 Specific Examples and Content in the Presentation
  • Brad will share a list of 125+ product/service growth opportunities from CV19 and how you can reposition your business to growing markets
  • Surprising, low-cost strategy to generate revenue from your existing customers without asking them to buy anything
  • Quick and affordable ways to create capture market intelligence, create content, generate leads, launch marketing and establish operations for repositions and pivots
  • Strategies and step-by-step case studies of how businesses are executing on their new shift
About the Presenter: Brad Stevens is a 9-year EO Member and lifetime entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Outsource Access, an offshore virtual services firm that he grows to 360+ staff in just over two years so he walks the walk with expertise on scaling, automation, outsourcing, and high-performance virtual teams.

About the Presenter:

Brad is a lifetime entrepreneur having built multiple domestic and international businesses with distribution across 18 countries. He is currently the Founder & CEO of Outsource Access, an offshore virtual services firm he has grown to 360 employees in just over two years with a target of 450 staff by the end of this year. He also co-founded a software platform, 1-ON-1 Connections, that drives the value of membership organizations by creating 1 on 1 meeting matchups and introductions at scale. He walks the walk with expertise on scaling, automation, outsourcing, and high-performance virtual teams. 

Brad has also advised business and civic leaders including direct strategic work with Martin Luther King III and for his current philanthropic efforts in launching Virtual Assistants Give Back, a documentary film was made about his firm and he was selected to run a think-tank on Economic Growth at the United Nations headquarters.  He also co-founded a 5-year charitable event to support Breast Cancer awareness.  

Brad is a global keynote speaker through his firm BST International in the USA, Canada, South America, Latin America, Canada, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Asia.  He speaks on agility and scaling with opportunities to share stages alongside thought leaders such as John Maxwell and Deepak Chopra. 

He speaks to CEO peer groups, universities, and business organizations including Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), John Maxwell Ambassadors, SCORE, SIOR, Women Presidents’ Organization, International Entrepreneur Summit, The Growth Hacking Conference, Life by Design Summit, Vistage, TAB, and the CEO Brain Trust. 

Brad is also a published TEDx Speaker on the topic of How Personal Global Economies Are Redefining Entrepreneurship and created the podcast Automate & Delegate – What Should You NOT Be Doing with guests sharing specific tools, resources, and strategies to fast track their business and personal growth. 

He has been featured in the Wall Street Business Network and Inc Magazine 4 times on multiple business strategy topics including insights on why “hedgehogs” and “flywheels” have been key to the rapid growth of his current firm on the other side of the globe without being able to physically visit due to Covid. He has been featured on the cover of Rising Stars of Simply Buckhead Magazine and the cover of Small Business Magazine

Brad is also a 9-year member of the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization currently serving as the EO US East Regional Director for Member Engagement across 22 chapters and over 1,000 members.  He has also served as President for the EO Atlanta Chapter along with roles as Accelerator and Strategic Alliance Partner Chair. 

Brad graduated from the Wharton Business School with Finance and Marketing Concentrations and lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Cindy, a passionate educator for 13 years, and their two children that keep them quite busy, Ella and Brayden. Connect with Brad on LinkedIn here