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Brad Explains the Program Below

Who is this for?

Business Owners Who Are...

  • Are serious about making a substantial change in the business
  • Want staff focusing on what delivers the most value for the company
  • Want a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to identify and prioritize of all the constraints in the business across all key functions (marketing, operations, finance, sales, administrative, etc)
  • Need help getting all of the staff on board and aligned with an engaging on-site 4 hour workshop to remove all doubts, fears and concerns along with a comprehensive plan
  • Want Outsource Access to provide fully vetted, trained and talented Virtual Assistants and other specialized outsourcing/productivity resources to address the growth constraint challenges
  • Desire to be positioned for “Agility” and want to “Future Proof” your business with your own low-cost, offshore virtual team

Low-Cost, On-Demand Offshore Teams is Where EVERYTHING is Going for Small to Medium Business​​

Workshop Structure

1. Brief Online Assessment and Pre-Workshop Call with the Business Owner

  • Brad will discuss the following with the business  owner prior to the workshop:
  • Who will attend and context
  • Growth goals and roadblocks
  • Key focus areas
  • Define success

2. Pre-Workshop Constraints and Wish List for Staff

  • List time-consuming tasks you would like to be offloaded and how many hours per week they consume?
  • List projects or activities you have not been able to execute due to time, funds or resources?
  • If you could offload time-consuming activities, identify how could you specifically add more value to the company?

3. Pre-Workshop Video Content Review By Staff to Complete

  • Staff watches the Outsourcing Mastery online modules prior to the workshop
  • Covers fundamentals related to outsourcing and virtual assistants so they can become familiar with the content and prepare questions

4. Customized Live Workshop

  • A mindset of opportunity cost, leverage, and agility
  • The strategic significance of embracing this approach
  • Take all doubts, fears, and concerns off the table by addressing all questions and proven implementation with detailed case studies relevant to your industry
  • Best practices and tools to manage and communicate with outsourced workers

5. Finalize and Prioritize Outsourcing Action Plan

  • Review of the pre-created action plan by the BST team to discuss all existing constraint points and wish list tasks reported by business owner and staff
  • Review all company divisions as applicable (sales, marketing, operations, finance, hr, etc) to uncover any additional constraint point or wishlist items
  • Determine the “High Impact and Quick” items that can be outsourced in the first 30 to 45 days and review ongoing implementation timeline for all other activities
  • Integrate the action plan into current company goal development and execution framework

6. We Help You Assemble a Vetted, Low-Cost, Virtual Team Based On Your Needs

  • We help assemble a vetted, low-cost, virtual team to execute the action plan and be a part of your company long-term
  • We source custom Virtual Assistants and Project Managers based on the requirements of your Outsourcing Mastery Action Plan
  • We provide a direct introduction to vetted tactical resources to be managed directly or by your Virtual Assistants

7. Full Implementation Support from the BST Team

8. Post Implementation Performance Review Session

  • Review of implementation progress and performance
  • Feedback on sourced tactical resources and VirtualAssistants
  • Evaluate the ROI of all outsourced activities
  • Discuss the next batch of tasks to outsource in Phase 2

9. Ongoing Implementation Support From the BST Team

What Our Prior Customers Are Saying...

“And before attending this seminar we were going to spend $28,500 on marketing to launch a new product. We learned how to get it done for $3,100…and twice as fast.”

- Sam Fuchs, CEO

“I didn’t even know it was possible to get virtual assistants this talented for $7 an hour to do our admin and follow-up tasks. The impact is going to be over $200,000 to the bottom line with cost savings and additional revenue opportunities created.”

- Christian Dodder, CEO

You get full access to Brad's Premium Outsourcing Mastery Workshop. See a 1-minute highlight video below.