Outsource Access Named a 2023 Real Leaders Impact Awards Winner - Outsource Access

Outsource Access Named a 2023 Real Leaders Impact Awards Winner

Outsource Access is pleased to announce its recognition as a 2023 Real Leaders Impact Awards winner. The award honors purpose-driven companies committed to making waves of impact and causing sustainable change in the world. The company is proud to be the only full-service outsourcing company on the list of honorees. 

In addition, Brad Stevens, Outsource Access CEO and Founder, has recently been conferred as a founding member of the Real Leaders Impact Collaborative, a peer-to-peer group model and leadership network that brings together like-minded leaders to deliver solutions that address challenges affecting businesses and communities. 

The company proudly shares these achievements with the families of its incredible virtual staff who support our client businesses worldwide.

Outsource Access has spearheaded projects, including its Virtual Assistants Give Back™ program and Tree Planting/Growing in partnership with the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The company aims to substantially improve the way of life of everyone we touch, whether they are part of our virtual staff or members of the communities we help. Outsource Access plans to nurture and develop these programs continuously, and in doing so, inspire the next generation to continue striving for a better world with every tree we plant, every shoe we give, and every meal we serve.

About Outsource Access

Outsource Access was established to address the shortcomings of other outsourcing firms. We aim to radically change the nature of how outsourced employees are treated by providing our virtual staff with decent, dignified, and lucrative career paths that empower them to enjoy a comfortable life and take part in transformative social changes that help the tight-knit communities they are part of, while simultaneously providing excellent, world-class talent to entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe.

As a purpose-driven company, Outsource Access is committed to providing a nurturing environment where clients and staff can reach their full potential with the goal of enhancing the environment and lives of everyone with whom we interact. To support this mission, we have aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How Outsource Access Can Help You and Your Business

Outsource Access can help you by providing the invaluable offshore support you need. We have served thousands of clients in multiple industries and redefined how they scale. We achieve this with virtual assistants who have expertise in a variety of areas such as sales, marketing, HR, customer service, operations, bookkeeping, administrative tasks, and so much more.

Outsource Access virtual assistants undergo a meticulous and thorough vetting process that helps ensure that our clients gain the best talent to enhance their teams. 

Whether you are a small to medium-sized business owner looking to offload specific responsibilities and create time to perform deeper work, or the owner of a large enterprise in search of a much-needed workforce boost, Outsource Access has a custom solution just for you. 

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