New Client Setup - Outsource Access

Congrats! Let's keep the momentum


You’re one step closer to a rockstar Virtual Assistant with Outsource Access! 

NOTE: Please complete the steps below today if you can. You will get an email with a link to this page from our Client Success Manager Jake Mahaginay but at least take a quick scan below. 

Here’s a summary of the next 3 KEY STEPS on this page.

  1. Fill out our VA Needs Assessment below (once submitted you will book a call with our Director of Service delivery to review the results). Click here to book your call after completing the VA Needs Assessment
  2. We have a short training for you below on how to best work with your VA
  3. Download the three tools mentioned below. They will be key to communication and working with your VA.

That’s it. Seriously simple. 

Taking action on these items will help make working with your virtual assistant a breeze and so we require it of all of our clients. They thank us later. 

Take a look below

Step 1: Fill out this VA Needs Assessment

A virtual assistant and a supporting tactical team can take tasks off your plate that you are currently doing AND also help take on tasks that have been on your “wish list” that have not gotten done.

FIRST, keep this in mind. To be successful, when you are first starting with a virtual assistant you do NOT want to try and outsource too many things at once. You want to start smaller to get comfortable with the process and THEN you will naturally grow from there quickly.

While it may be tempting to put “High Priority” for many items listed, discipline yourself to keep your list to ONLY 4 to 5 marked as “High Priority”. For each item below please indicate the following:

Low Priority: You are not interested in having this task handled outsourced or you are interested but at a lower priority

Medium Priority: This is a task you would like outsourced but is a secondary priority.

High Priority: These are tasks you want outsourced and they are a top priority.

Step 2: Watch Short Client Training on Working with VAs (Click Video Below)

Step 3: Download and Start Using These Three Key Communication Tools

Password Manager

Password Managing App helps to share login credentials to your VA without literally providing the details. This strengthens security for your accounts. This will be utilized if you want your VA to access your accounts to execute some tasks or manage your email, and/or social media accounts. Please navigate to, download their desktop app and watch these videos.

Screen Recording Tool

Screen recording tool helps to document the task you want your VA to work on. You can record your instructions by voice while you are navigating your monitor to show the process. This really helps well in delegating complicated tasks/projects to your VA.

Calendar Management Tool

This a scheduler tool that helps your clients to choose your available time. This way, it would lessen contact time just by choosing the time both of you are available. This can be connected with your email provider calendar. It automatically syncs with your email calendar. Please navigate to the link below and create an account.

And you’re done!

Again, you will get an email with a link to this page from our Client Success Manager Jake Mahaginay but please try to complete the steps above ASAP to maintain momentum. Especially Step 1!!