My Why - Outsource Access

At Outsource Access we’re providing more than just virtual assistants and outsourcing, we’re helping entrepreneurial businesses realize their potential. Behind every entrepreneur and their team is a “WHY” as Simon Sinek explains. This why drives everything that they do. 

We asked some of our clients to share a photo of theirs and had custom canvas portraits to hang on their wall as a reminder of their “MyWhy” and our commitment to helping them achieve it. Our clients are from vastly different industries, but all had one thing in common – they kept their “why” at the center of everything that they do. 

Take a look at some of the driving forces behind the successful careers and businesses that they’ve built.


The CEO and Founder of Focus Staff draws his inspiration from his beautiful family – Wife Britt, daughter Zoe and son Beck.


The Managing Partner of The Ward Law Group, PL driving force. Wife Abogada Jany Martinez Ward and their three daughters.


“My why is putting super hard adventure goals on the calendar and then working hard with a team to accomplish them. This photo is us crossing the finish line of the Expedition Africa Adventure Race held in Rodrigues Island, Mauritius. We pushed really hard for 128 hours or 5.3 days straight. We overcame cold, exhaustion, heat, bugs, injury, wetness, hallucinations, hunger, fear and just about every other emotion humans are capable of. Crossing that finish line was one of the biggest accomplishment of my live and moment that I am most proud of. Racing is where I feel most alive.”


“Our Why is all about helping small business through capital and education.”


“I do what I do to help people. Each day every member of our team comes to work, works hard to make a living for their family. My goal is to give them the tools to work smarter, understand what healthy home/work balance is, and love what they do. If we have a team that loves what they do (create a work family), can do it smarter, work together as a team, and at the end of the day leave work at work and focus on family, then we as a company will have dedicated employees who will be with us for years.”


“My why is “Peace of Mind””